How to see(Check) Who Visited my Facebook Profile

How to Check who visited my Facebook Profile:

You may also have got a linked where you can see who last visited your profile most.There is no official way to see and check who visited your profile but there are some hacks using which you can easily find out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile.

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Who Visited Facebook Profile

To use the tricks you need to follow below steps:-

  • Log in to your Facebook Account
  • Go to your Home Page
  • Press “CTRL  +  U“, it would open Page source
  • If Page source does not open that way, simply right click your mouse and click ” View Page Source”
  • Now, find on this page  “InitialChatFriendsList”
  • You can click “CTRL  + F”  and enter “InitialChatFriendsList”
  • After the “InitialChatFriendList” you can see some digits which are starting with 10000. (just for easy understanding I have underlined them red)
  • Just Copy them and then in new Tab paste them after
  • For example: If the highlighted digits are  100002694157905. You need to open
  • Done…..

Now it will show you the result regarding who has recently visited your Profile.There may be chances that most of the times they seem to be your friend but sometimes they might be someone who is not directly connected to you.

As I told already there is no other official way to check who visited your Facebook profile but still, you can try it out according to your own.

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