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How to delete a group on WhatsApp Whatsapp Messenger is the widely used Free Messaging app with a lot of added features to improve the ease of communication. Initially, Whatsapp was introduced just as a messaging app, and now it has a lot of feature like Document Sharing, Status Update, etc. It has become a Mini-Social networking App to display Stories and also to chat with any other Whatsapp User.  Whatsapp also allows creating of Group Chat by adding all the users to a One Group and have a conversation with all at once. Any User can create a group and Delete it whenever he/she wants to. This way Group Chat is made easy to Manage and no need to worry much about the issues rises within the Group.

Coming to the main topic, you can delete a Whatsapp Group in few Seconds, and it takes a trick to remove it Permanently. When you exit the group and delete the group. Only your Profile is unlisted from the Group, and no data is found in your logs. Or else if you remove all the group members and exit yourself, the Group will be erased. So this is Little Tricky to perform and needs a Careful task.

When considering the issue with a Whatsapp Group, you wish to delete the Group mostly due to the notifications and alerts triggering you all the time. Or you might have faced a problem with conversations or Group Members. But before you choose to delete the WhatsApp Group, Pick the Mute option to stay out of all the nonsense.

Things to do before you Delete WhatsApp Group:

  • Backup the all the Group chat using External Software.
  • Save the backup files in different Memory source.

How to delete a Whatsapp Group Temporarily or Permanently:

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Whatsapp Group can be deleted temporarily and Permanently too. Both require Tricky Methods to follow and complete it till the end. To delete a WhatsApp Group Permanently, you should be the Admin for that Particular Group, or else you cannot remove it forever. If you are a just a Group member, then the only thing you could is to Kick yourself out of the Group.

Delete WhatsApp Group temporarily:

As a Group Member you can remove any Specific Whatsapp group temporarily with the following steps:

  • Open Whatsapp Messenger on your Mobile.
  • Scroll down to see that Specific Whatsapp.
  • Long Press on the Group Name to get the Menu.
  • Tap on ‘Exit the Group’ and confirm with ‘Exit’ again.
  • And once Again long press on Group name to get the Menu.
  • Now Click on ‘Delete this Group’ and Confirm it with ‘Delete.’

This way you could delete Whatsapp Group temporarily, and no traces of that Group will be present in your Chat Logs forever. And in case the Group admin adds you back, Then again you will a Group member.

Delete WhatsApp Group permanently:

To delete WhatsApp Group permanently, you should be at least One of the Group Admin. So let’s check out how you do it:

  • Launch Whatsapp App on your Mobile.
  • Navigate to the chats Tab and select the Whatsapp Group.
  • Open the WhatsApp group, then click on ‘Three Dots.’
  • Select ‘Group Info’ from the options.
  • Then you will get to see Group Members List.
  • Here you need to remove every person from the Group with Long Press> Remove.
  • And if there are any other Admins, then Long Press> Dismiss as admin>Remove.
  • After removing all the Group members, Click on ‘Exit from the Group.’

This way your Whatsapp is deleted Permanently and no one can take a step it regains access to that Group.

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