How to see who unfollowed you(me) on Instagram

Unfollowers for Instagram app: Instagram is the best Social Networking App with a lot of Features. Several Instagram users, follow the unknown People and expect them to be Followed back without any reason. A lot of them do, and Digital Marketing allows to promote a Product with little to no bucks. This way, as a Profile you would also like to grow Followers. And in case there is a decrease in the number of followers, it is a bit depressing.

Unless you get a Clear data of unfollowed people, don’t conclude. Only use effective ways to get the unfollowed People data. And to make it Easy for you we have mentioned two Smart ways to trace the exact reason behind the sudden drop in followers on Instagram.

How to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram online:

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You can find the reason for ‘unfollow’ on Instagram using two Different Methods 1) Manual Method, 2) Automatic Method. Both the Methods will give you the best results. And we recommended you to use the First Method and if not go for Automatic Method.

Manual Method: Using Instagram Settings

Manual Methods is Nothing, but we need to deeply look into other Instagram users to know the actual issue of Followers. Let’s Say ‘A’ person is Following me for a long time and if I want to check whether he is still following me. Then we check the Instagram Followers list of ‘A’ person. And I cannot find my name; then it is sure that he has unfollowed you.

Automatic Method: Using Third Party Software:

There are Several Third Party Softwares’ or app to see who unfollows you on Instagram. Most of them, allow downloading the complete list of Followers on your Profile. And Whenever you feel suspicious, download the list of followers and compare with the previous one. And from all the Software, we recommend this:

Magi metrics:

MagiMetrics is an advanced Tool developed for the Instagram Influencers, to keep track of the Followers and Growth in the Digital Media.

  • Just go to Sign up and Create your Premium or Trial Account.
  • After login, Go to My account and Link your Instagram Profile.
  • Now Click on Audience Data in the Dashboard of your Profile.
  • In that Sheet, you will get complete Data of your Instagram Profile.

So take a look at the drop in Followers and make sure to verify on your Instagram account too.


CrowdBabble is a Social Analytic Tool with a capability to Analyze all social Media Profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It works best in all the cases and satisfies the user with Perfect Records. Moreover, it is the most trusted Web Tool for Social analytics.

  • Log on to and sign up with your email.
  • To get the records of your Instagram Profile, link Crowdbabble with your Profile.
  • Then Click on ‘Download’ to get the spreadsheet of all the followers.

UnFollowers for Instagram+ :

Instagram can be used along with this ‘Unfollowers for Instagram’ App. This Application is an Instagram unfollow tracker made available for IOS devices and using this app; you can get clear analytical data of all the followers along with the activity of the Profile.

  • Download the Unfollowers for Instagram+ on your iPhone.
  • Authorize your Instagram Profile with this Application.
  • Go to Dashboard and Visit each analytics like the Instagram unfollowers check, Likes, Comments, etc.

This way you could get the Perfect idea of Instagram followers.

Follow Cop for Android:

  • Download Follow Cop on Android Mobile.
  • Login with your Email credentials and link your Instagram Account to it.
  • Now go back and Launch the app, then navigate to your Instagram Profile.
  • Here you will see a few icons like Top likes, Top commenters, Ghost Followers, etc.

This Option gives your perfect figure for all kinds of information.

Hope this information helps you to identify y who unfollowed you on Instagram, Do comment your views in the below section.

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