How to Loop(or Repeat) a Youtube Video and Listen to it Continuously

How to repeat Youtube videos:

Have you ever felt like listening to Same Tune or Song over and over? You definitely have loved the Music, and want to repeat the song multiple time. In General, we use Press the Play Button for every Playback. But now the technology has Changed the way it used to be. A New term called ‘Loop’ has added to the Remote Controller of every new gadget to help you to repeat the video or Audio File Playback without your attention. So Here let’s know about Loop in a bit Brief and learn to repeat youtube videos automatically yourself.

How to Loop Youtube Video:

Here we have classified the Process and Explanation based on the Common Gadgets used by the Internet users to access the Media Files online. Let’s begin

How to Replay Youtube video on Desktop:

Desktop is the Best Device to access the Video Playback in Big Screen and you have a Choice of beginning different Connectivity like Bluetooth, Wifi and USB.

On Youtube Website:

  • Log on to Website and Search for your Favourite Video
  • Play the Video from the Search results
  • While you hear to the Music, Pause the Video at any Point and open Right-Click Menu
  • On the Menu, you could Find Loop Button; click on it
  • done, the video will repeatedly play until you stop the Loop feature

Listen On Repeat Website:

  • Launch any of the web browsers on your PC
  • Open Website & play any video (you liked)
  • Click on ‘Share‘ option visible below the Video Player
  • Select the ‘URL’ other than social icons, and Copy the ‘Video URL’
  • Now , Logon to website
  • Place the Youtube Video URL you copied earlier in the Search Box
  • Click on ‘Search’ button, now a Preview of Video will visible below the search box
  • Here you are done all the Steps required for Loop Process and Finally you need to Click on video to play it on Loop Mode

Loop Video on Android:

  • Navigate to Chrome web Browser app on your Android Mobile
  • Open the Browser and logon to youtube site
  • Click on Three Dots Menu visible on Top Right Corner of the Browser
  • From Menu Options, Enable ‘Desktop Site’ and it is re-launch the Youtube in desktop mode
  • Once you got the Video in Big screen View,
    Go and Play any Video on Youtube. You can also purchase views if you’d like to grow your channel fast. In terms of tentative purpose, you can purchase 10k views.
  • While you play the Video , Stop at some point and Open right-click Menu & Then Click on ‘Loop’ option
  • Done, you are successfully accessed the Youtube Video on repeat Mode on your Android Mobile in less than a minute

How to loop a video on iPhone:

  • Directly open the Youtube Application and Search for your Favourite video
  • Play the Video from the results, while it is loading, Click on ‘Add to’ button present below the Video Player
  • Then click on ‘Create New Playlist’ option from the menu bar, Now Type in a Name for the Playlist
  • Click on ‘Save’ and go back to video again, here you could see Drop side Arrow with ‘V’ symbol, click on it
  • These process will minimize the Screen, now Click ‘Library’ icon visible on Bottom-Right Corner
  • Now the newly created Playlist will show up , click on it and Tap the Red ‘Play’ icon
  • Click on Minimize type of icon present below the Video and Click on ‘Loop’
  • That’s it you have accessed the Video in Loop Mode successfully

This way , you can add any Video on Youtube to the Loop Mode ( Repeat Mode) and listen to it continuously until you drop it. Hope this Article helps you in handling the Youtube App, Do comment your views below this

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