How To Extract Audio File From Video

Extract audio from Video online:As a Music Lover, you may wish to download the Audio Version of your Favourite Album, and Video Editors make use of this audio Formats of a Video album to create their own Media Stuff. This way, Every User has his/her purpose to Entertain and create things out of them. And if you like to extract sound from a Video File, then you need to have certain tools that could split the Audio without any loss of Quality. So to help you with this, we have created a list of most recommended Methods and Tools that can separate audio and Video. So let’s Begin.

How to extract audio from video:

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Here we have noted 4 best Tools, and Softwares to help you in the splitting of Audio from Video without any Quality loss and all of them works best. But you need to choose the one that is available & have a bit knowledge of it.

1) VLC: (Open Source)

VLC is the Most widely used Media Player on the Internet, and it can access all kinds of Media Files with high-end Playback capability. Along with Media Player Features, it also has tools to Extract Audio from Video without any loss in the Quality of Sound. Let’s see how it works.

  • Download and Install VLC Media player from the Official site.
  • Launch the VLC Player, Click on ‘Media’ Option from the Menu bar.
  • Now from the Drop down menu, Click on ‘Advanced Open File’ option.
  • A New Window will open up, and there you need to navigate to ‘File’ Tab.
  • Here you need to switch the ‘Play’ Button to ‘Convert’ before you add the files.
  • Click on ‘Add’ Button to select the ‘Video File’ and Setup the Output location.
  • Finally, click on ‘Convert’ Button.

That’s it, wait till the process completes and check the Output Folder for the Audio file which you are looking for.

2) Audacity: (Open Source)

Audacity is the Free Multi-Audio Track Editor for handling all kinds of Audio files. With its Special features like Audio Recording, Audio Exporting or Importing, Editing. etc., Audacity has been listed in Top recommended Media Player for Computers. So to Extract Audio from video using Audacity follow the Below process:

  • Install Audacity on your Computer and Launch the Application.
  • Now Click on ‘File’ option from the Top-menu bar and Select ‘Open’ to Select the Video file.
  • Choose the Video file and Click on ‘Open,’ Then the Video file will be Loaded on the Audacity App.
  • Once again Go to File and Select ‘Export,’ Now setup the Output Folder for the Audio File.
  • Now the Set the Output File Format and Click on ‘Convert.’

This way you could split the audio from Video Files without any issues while the Audio Conversion Process finishes.

3) Format Factory:

Format Factory supports a Big list of Audio and Video formats. It is a Complete Media tool that could convert any video file to any other file format. So to convert audio to Video follow the below process:

  • Get the Latest version of Format Factory from the Website.
  • Install the software and Launch the application to view the Dashboard.
  • Click on Audio, then you see a Drop-down list of the icon, choose the audio format based on your requirement.
  • Set the Output Location from the ‘Output setting’ Option.
  • Add ‘File’ to the Format Factory by choosing the file on your PC.
  • Then Click on Start to initiate the Audi Conversion Task.

4) Aiseesoft Media Tool:

Aiseeosft media Tool is a Premium Software to handle Audio and Video Files on the computer. It is a Perfect tool to convert a Media file into other file formats without any use of external tools. Check the below steps to know ‘how to separate Audio from Video’:

  • Download the Aiseesoft media software and install it on your PC.
  • Launch the application to get the dashboard, Click on ‘Add files.’
  • Switch the Output Format to MP3 and Click on ‘Run.’

Above mentioned tools will help you in getting a perfect Audio file from the video Album, do comment your views from the below section.

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