1. Daniel Blackmore

    Can’t unlock my twitter account without text message it’s in my old account but set up new account but been locked out so I need help getting back in

    • Daniel,
      It is Better you Contact the Twitter Support Team (after trying the above-Mentioned Solutions) and they will guide you to get your Twitter Account Back!

  2. My account got locked and I have been trying to get it unlocked by sending a verification code to my phone number but I didn’t get any code till now and I really need to get my Twitter back…

    Also, how do I enable the cell phone number from receiving messages from twitter

    • Akin,
      Request Password Reset using Email so that you could get it right
      If not possible, Contact the Twitter Support, Only they could help you !!

  3. My twittee has been temporarily restricted. I don’t have an idea on how to get back my twitter because my twitter is associated with my old phone number and I don’t have access with it.

    I have done many ways to solve this problem but nothing’s happening. What can I do? I am literally crying. Twitter is part of my daily routine. Can’t make a new one, I will miss my old twitter 😭

    • Hello Sherry!
      Twitter Temporarily Restricts the user account from access and may delete your account if the same activities(against twitter Rules) are repeated.
      In your Case, the Only possible way to get it back is to contact the Twitter Support Team and no other Trick or Technique could help you now !!

  4. I’ve been locked out of my twitter for almost a month now. I believe I got locked out because I followed a bunch of accounts at once. They’re requiring me to change my password but I cannot because the email that was in my account does not exist anymore. I also do not have a phone number on it either. Is there anyways around this to get into my account so I can update my contact information? At this point anything’s helps because I don’t want to make a new account.

    • Hello, Daniel
      Thanking for Commenting about the issue
      Email and Phone number are the only Primary Factors to get verified for the Twitter account. In case, if you can create the Same Email Account , give a Try and if their is no chance of getting your mail id back, take Time to explain about the problem with your account to the Techical Team of Twitter.com. They would mostly ask you for the last remembered Password and other login details. do confirm them so that you get the Twitter account recovered

  5. My Twitter account also locked again after few days, initially they sent an email apologizing it was mistakenly filtered as spam. Now again they locked my account after few days. What’s going on? I don’t understand. I really don’t like Twitter to use it now, they force us to register mobile number which I had used it earlier last year, and prohibits from using the same number, I had written to Twitter but anyway I don’t like the inconveniences caused to user’s of Twitter. They don’t allow any other mode is authentication like FB etc.

  6. I’m doing something on my account. For safety purposes they locked my account and asking email address attach to the account add. But I can’t remember email address. Can you provide a way how will I access that account again.

  7. I got a new phone number and when i try to sign in its sending the text verification to my old number which I do not have access to anymore, I’ve haven’t been able to get into my account for months plz help

  8. Thanks Buddy for sharing this. Hope I get tmy account back 🙂

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