How To Use Picsart For Computer In Windows | Tips & Tricks

How to use PicsArt Application on PC and Mobile:

PicsArt is a Brilliant Application to Edit the Pictures, it has a lot of Design features like Effects, Filters, etc. Along with Photo Functionality, it has Embedded the Social Networking space to connect with the friends and Family Members. So you have Social networking Space Plus Editing Tools at the same Web Application. Therefore it is a recommended tool to make Beautiful photos on your Mobile and Computer too.

Why PicArt App?

How to Use PicsArt App:

PicsArt has a lot of Features Like Cloning, Cropping, Adding effects, Collages, Stickers, etc. And here let’s Check out each feature in Detail and Apply them to make sure you don’t miss any feature while editing the features.

How to edit photos in PicsArt:

Here we are going to learn about Editing Tools on PicsArt and Apply them;

1) Clone Picture:

  • Cloning Picture on the Picsart Application is easy, and you need to follow this below Steps:
  • Download the PicsArt Application and Install it on your PC or Mobile.
  • Launch the application and go to the dashboard of the PicsArt Application.
  • Go to Edit section by clicking on ‘Edit’ Column; Then it opens a Pop-up window to upload the image on to App.
  • Locate the Image on your Computer When the image is uploaded on the app, Follow Tool-> Clone.
  • A Small tool will be displayed on the App Screen, Click on Draw to pick the Texture and Select a Part of the image to Erase it.

This way, you could Pick and Place a Part of the PC to other places to make it invisible.

2) Cropping:

Now, to Crop the Image Follow Tool-> Crop to get the Image Cropping tool.

  • Then you get to see a Box shaped Hovering to select the area of Picture and Click on ‘Crop.’
  • Within seconds, the image will be cropped into your Preferred size.

3) Adding Effects:

To add effects to the Picture, Navigate to ‘Effects’ Tab visible at the Bottom of the Screen.

  • Now, a good collection of Effects with a Preview will be displayed at the bottom itself.
  • Select the Effect and Save the Picture to apply the changes.

4) Collages:

Collage Maker is a Built-in App for the PicsArt Application. And there are several images to add to the Pictures that makes the pictures more attractive instantly.

So now go to Tools Section and Click on Collage maker.

  • Select a Layout from the Collages and Pick the Photos from the hard Disk or SD Card on the Mobile.
  • Organize the Pictures on the Collages, then save the Changes.

How to share Pictures on Social Media Sites:

Sharing Pictures on PicsArt App is Simple and straightforward. PicsArt designed to hover Social Media icons once after Editing the Images. So every time, you complete the Editing part and Save the Picture you are allowed to share them on the Social Sites without any delay once you click on the icon you are redirected towards that specific social networking site, log in and Share the Edited Picture.

Get the PicsArt Photo Studio for computer:

To download PicsArt for Computer, you need to get a perfect Medium to run the App on your Windows or Mac PC. So Let’s Check out the Perfect way to get the PicsArt on your Computer.

  • Download Bluestacks on your Computer and install the app on the PC
  • Launch the Bluestacks App on the Desktop and log in with your Gmail account.
  • Now Search for ‘Picsart’ in the box Visible on Top-Corner.
  • A List of Options will be displayed as results Pick the Original app and Click on ‘Install.’
  • Then after a few minutes you get to see the PicsArt app, Launch the App to use for Editing the Pictures.

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