How to Prepare Images for Publishing Online?


Images and content go hand in hand when it comes to the worth formation of a brand. Therefore, just like textual content, it is a compulsion that people need to pay proper attention to image preparation for online publishing. Highly optimized and well-crafted images catch the audience’s interest, and they …

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5 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Followers into YouTube Subscribers

As YouTube is highly popular, it’s expected that there is heavy competition among YouTubers especially when it comes to promoting your channel. Because of this competition YouTubers need to use the right marketing techniques.  Some people just buy YouTuber subscribers. However, organic methods to increase your subscriber count are always …

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How Does AI Improve and Help the Software Testing Process?

Software testing is an integral part of the development process for every mobile and web application. However, traditional testing methods are often time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive. Artificial Intelligence is changing the software testing landscape, ensuring testers can make arduous tasks more cost-effective and time-efficient. Certain manual tasks would lead to …

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