How to invite all friends on facebook with a single click

Facebook group invite all:Generally, it is a difficult task to invite all Friends on facebook and you need to keep on Inviting every individual by checking their names too. Facebook Events and Pages are both the things on the Facebook Site we need to invite all the Friends & Followers. And to solve this issues, many Developers have created a special Tool to make to easy for the Facebook users to invite all his/her Friends and Colleagues for an Event or a Facebook Page. And here you get to know about the Recommended Tool to invite Friends on Facebook with one single Click. Mostly it could solve the Promotion Cost of your Event. And This way, the Event or Page gets more exposure for not a Single Penny putting in it. As we know Traditional Marketing ( offline Marketing ) is lot more expensive than Digital marketing. Let’s Look in deep into Facebook Promotions through the User Invitation Factor.

Normal Method to invite all the Friends on Facebook is like this:

  • Go to and Login with your Account Credentials
  • Now once you get to see the Facebook dashboard, Navigate to your Facebook Page or Event
  • On the Front Page of the Event or Page, ‘Invite’ Section on the Sidebar(Right) with list of Friends names
  • Here you need to Click on ‘Invite’ button that is beside Every Facebook Friend
  • To invite all of them, you need to do it for each & Every Person individually till the List ends

With this Process, you could invite all your Friends on Facebook and it is the only way Facebook helps you to invite Friends on the Website/App.

Previously, it was the Most Comfortable way to invite Friends on the Facebook and no user faced the Problem with inviting Friends. But, Gradually as the Friends list of Facebook are rising to a higher digit. The Facebook Invite became bit tough and Time Taking.

We have Found a Solution for the Facebook Invite issue. Let’s learn it here

How to invite all Friends on Facebook with one Single Click:

Two Methods are available for Inviting the Facebook, One is using Web Browser Extension and Other is using the JavaScript code. Both the Methods works for the Facebook invite issue. But, to Make it effective, we recommend using Extension( Tool bar ) for Inviting Friends on Facebook Page and Javascript to invite People for the Facebook Events.

How to invite all Friends for Facebook Page:

While you invite Friends on Facebook, you need to make use of Tool bar Called Invite All Friends on Facebook

  • Download the Extension on your Chrome Web Browser and activate the Toolbar
  • Now Login to your Facebook account and open that Specific Faceboook Page
  • Confirm the functionality of the Chrome Toolbar by clicking on the icon
  • Once you reach that Specific Facebook page, Click on Invite Friends Option
  • Then use the Extension added to the Chrome Browser to select all your Friends on the Facebook Page
  • After selecting process, click on Invite all Friends to initiate the invite process on Facebook Page

How to invite all Facebook Friends to a Page using Script:

You can invite Facebook Friends to Page with a Unique Code and for the complete Procedure you can follow this:

  • First of all, Select the Code Mentioned below and Copy it
  • var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }
  • Navigate to that specific Facebook Page you wanted to Invite Friends online
  • Tap on Invite Friends to view the invite Section , now Scroll down till the end
  • Turn On developer Console Page with F12 key on your Keyboard
  • Here Paste that Code we Copied earlier and Paste it here
  • Thats it all your Friends gets the notification about Invitation in Few Seconds

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