How to put a link in Instagram bio

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How to Add Link in the Instagram Bio: Instagram is the Most Preferred Social Networking App, and Basically with the Photo-sharing feature has attracted most of the People. And to create more bonding with the users, Instagram Team has introduced many Features to cope with the competitors online. One of the …

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How To Change WhatsApp Group Admin

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How to change WhatsApp Group Admin: Whatsapp Messenger is the Topmost Mobile application in the messaging Category and continues to gain the Trust of the Users with a lot of security features. Even more, it introduces the latest features to cope with competition and bond with the users. In WhatsApp, we …

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How to hide WhatsApp chat on iPhone & Android

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How to Hide WhatsApp chat:  Whatsapp Messenger App has more hidden features than you think of. With every update, it adds a new feature that improves the user experience. From all the unique features, here we are going to know about the Chat hiding Feature. Most of the smartphone users have known …

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How to track an iPhone without knowing them

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How to track someone’s iPhone without knowing them: How to track someone’s iPhone without knowing them: Every iPhone and Android device can be tracked using several Mobile Tracing Software. And even Android & iOS devices has its feature of finding a Lost phone without any need for third-party software. Similarly, there are many …

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How to Share Location on iPhone

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How to send location on iPhone: Technology era has almost changed the way with use Mobile and benefit from it. The mobile phone has become a lot more than just for Calling. It is helpful in several different ways like Money transfer, Location Tracing, sharing Media files, etc. With advancement in …

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Facebook launched Facebook Messenger App For Kids

Facebook Kids Messenger

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform available for each and every people. recently, Facebook introduces a new messaging application for children.So in this article, you will get all information about Facebook Messenger App For Kids. Facebook Messenger App For Kids The application allows children under 13 to chat …

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