TrueCaller! 6 Different Features That Inbuilt In Truecaller

Truecaller is a website and also has an Application for smart devices which is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. Truecaller helps in finding the contact details globally given name or telephone number.

Apart from identifying the number it also has another feature which is it can block the contacts.Through the integrated caller ID service this call block functionality can be achieved.

Truecaller not only helps us from the unwanted calls, but it also alert users that a number is a spam number. This is great feature that saves time.

One bonus feature is Truecaller Name Search, using which you can find any person their details using their name.

There are 6 different features that most of the people don’t about Truecaller. Today we are sharing those.

TrueCaller! 6 Different Features That Inbuilt In Truecaller

As every one knows Truecaller helps in finding the unknown numbers. Apart from that there are other features that makes this app more important for smart phone users.

  1. Call Block

If you are getting calls from a call center and has numbers starting with +91 04081. You can block all number of that type. Even if they use other number and if it start with the given number then it will be automatically blocked.

  1. Works With Out Internet:

Once the caller is identified by the Truecaller then it will identify the caller even if there is no internet. This is the feature which most of the users don’t know.

  1. Copy And Find

The usage of the application is very simple an easy. If you just copy a phone number then app quickly identity it. Even you can message and call using the app.

  1. Verified:

Just wanted to share that profile on Truecaller can be verified by the community and then receive a Verified badge. This will help in reducing the fake profiles.

  1. Block Hidden Number.

If the caller is hiding their numbers or who avoids displaying their identity we can simply block them. These kind of features are which are inbuilt in this application and very useful for the users too.

  1. Protected From Region Top Scammers:

The most interesting feature is that with out your help the app can easily protect from your region scammers. Once you download the app the rest it will take care. You can check these all under Block statistics tab in your app.

These are the few things which most of the users may not aware of. Hope this information helps you and keeps your device safe from the fraud and fake peoples.

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