WhatsApp Servers Down In The Starting Of New Year 2018

As WhatsApp was down on New Year’s Eve, people took to Twitter to complain. While some were worried they’d have to actually call people to wish them in the New Year, others took a punny route to troll the messaging app.So in this article, you will get information about WhatsApp Servers Down In The Starting Of New Year 2018 news.

WhatsApp Server Down

WhatsApp Servers Down

With the days of SMSes long gone (well, almost), people around the world rely on WhatsApp for most of their daily communication and on New Year’s Eve, it is one of the easiest ways to wish loved and dear ones. Only the problem was, this year it was down for a while in certain regions and people found it difficult to even log in, let alone receive and send messages. As a result, Netizens turned to Twitter to vent their anger and frustration.

While some complained about how often the app keeps crashing these days, other took the opportunity to spread some laugh, taking a dig at the Facebook-owned company, cracking jokes and memes.

Earlier in December and November, the global messaging app went down and Tweeple had a similar reaction, cracking jokes and sharing memes. And this time was no different. Hashtags #WhatsappDown and #HappyNewYear started trending side by side and the micro-blogging site is flooded with hilarious memes and GIFs.

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