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No doubt, WhatsApp, the most used messaging application around the world. Till now we have seen a lot of updates for this app.  So in this article, you will get all information about WhatsApp Updates For 2018.

WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp Updates For 2018


WhatsApp wants to integrate the possibility of writing into the app while watching a YouTube video and for that, it works in the picture in picture function.

Thus, a floating window would appear (that you can move around the screen of your device) while you keep the WhatsApp conversation open.


The arrival of several administrators to the groups, although applauded, can lead to lack of control.  Imagine that you create a group, you appoint all administrators and they end up expelling you. Just this is what they want to avoid those responsible for the app and work so that the initial creator of a group cannot be removed from it by the other administrators.

Report Incidence

As of 2018, it will be easier than ever to report an incident on WhatsApp. Just enter any conversation and shake your device. This gesture – and thanks to the mobile accelerometer – will automatically open a pop-up window with the ‘Contact us‘ section to send the incident directly.

Sticker With Location

Along with the new stickers – already active – with the time in real time, a new one will arrive with two designs to establish the location, which you can include in your videos or photos.

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