How to check who viewed your whatsapp profile

Who Viewed my Whatsapp profile:

Who checked my Whatsapp profile: It is almost impossible to know about the people who have visited your Profile, Whatsapp has never added that feature before and if else you found an external Tool, Don’t believe it completely. As more people want to get a solution, some developers have created a software application to satisfy your Query, and even if you get it, it is not exact for sure.

From this Query, we could conclude solutions to different issues, One for Whatsapp Profile and other for Whatsapp status. Checking the Whatsapp status is easy, and you can keep track of the viewers too, without knowing them.

Whatsapp Messenger is the Most-widely Messaging App, with improved features all the time. Every while new features that attract more of people to communicate with each other and also post the daily updates through WhatsApp Status. Nowadays, Whatsapp Status is the been used by most of the Whatsapp users, and it made the process easy to upload daily updates without choosing other applications.

How to check who viewed my Whatsapp profile:

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Whatsapp Messenger has introduced a lot of features but, it avoids the Profile Viewers feature. It may be due to the less number of people are wants to get the data and or that feature might disappoint the users if there are no viewers for their Profile. This features will also help to know about People who are spying on you.

We tried all the software applications that might work for checking the WhatsApp Profile viewers. And found a few applications which are helpful and from them, most of the applications are discarded. Finally, got to know that a Mobile Application can give you information about the Whatsapp Profile.

Whatsapp Tracker:

Whatsapp Tracker is a Single Application that is known to be resolving the Whatsapp issue. Download the Application on your Andriod and Launch the Application. Now link your WhatsApp profile with Whats Tracker and activate the application. After all, you will get to see the details of people who have viewed your Profile.

How to check who viewed my Whatsapp status:

Whatsapp Status is similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It allows sharing daily updates as Images, videos, and Text, etc. Besides its flexibility to display stories, every WhatsApp user can hide it from people and or even show it to a few specific people. This Privacy mode has triggered the WhatsApp users to make use of WhatsApp status and continue to bond with Whatsapp Application.

Any person who has viewed your Whatsapp Status is noted in a Separate Window, and it is straightforward to see the viewers. When compared to Whatsapp Profile which is impossible to check the People who have checked it, WhatsApp Status is simple and easy to have a look at the Whatsapp status viewers without being known to them.

Previously Whatsapp Status was limited to just ‘Text,’ and now it has added a New interface with Media file accessibility. So Let’s check out:

How to Create and use Whatsapp status:

  • Creating a Whatsapp Status is quick, and you can make it simple with this steps:
  • Launch Whatsapp Messenger App and navigate to ‘Status’ Tab visible on Top-right Corner.
  • Now Click on ‘My Status’ Listed as the First option.
  • Then it will open the Camera feature to capture and add it to the Whatsapp Status.
  • Or else Swipe Up to load your gallery to select pictures(Maximum of 10).
  • And Click on ‘Submit.’

that’s it Your WhatsApp Status will be saved on your Profile.

  • Check who viewed your WhatsApp Status:
  • After Creating the Whatsapp Status, Again navigate to ‘Status’ Tab on Whatsapp messenger.
  • Click on ‘My Status,’ and there you see the Status(which you have uploaded).
  • Now to check the names of people who have the Status actually, Swipe up.
  • There you will get to see the Names and count of People who viewed it.

That’s it; now you got to know about, how to check who is watching my WhatsApp profile and Whatsapp Status.

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