Topic – From 0 to 100K: My Journey in Gaining YouTube Subscribers

Growing to a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube is a huge milestone, and many people are trying to do so. Three years ago, I was one of you only. I also wanted to create digital fame with a million subscribers on my channel.

We always tell our community that YouTube is a business and approaching it like a business is the right way to grow and make an incredible income. Every business and profession is now there on YouTube after COVID. COVID provides a way to know the value of the online world or the digitized world.

In this article, I will share my whole journey of organically gaining YouTube subscribers —the strategies I personally used.

Strategies to imply

Strategies are dependent upon the algorithms of YouTube. We just need to understand the algorithms of YouTube in a detailed manner. The strategy that 100% work on YouTube is:

  • Committing to consistency

When it comes to consistency, I was always consistent in uploading the videos. I uploaded at least two videos weekly to analyze, figure it out, and slowly scale up the number. I made as many videos as possible, as it was unknown which video could get viral. There were so many videos that I think were not so special but made a lot of views on that. I might not have all the best ideas for every video, but I want to upload every single video, as any video can catch fire like wildfire.

  • Research your competition

Researching your competitors’ performance is the best way to get reach and subscribers. Depending on your niche, find the big YouTubers who are already working and have made a lot of videos with proper research. Through this, I get an idea of what type of content is in demand, and I then create videos of the same or similar type. Moreover, you can get the fundamental research done by those very easily.

  • Attractive titles and videos

While watching the competitor’s video, I learned they all used an attractive thumbnail to grab the audience’s attention. It also makes me want to opt for their video. I applied the same to my videos to attract people to opt for my video too. Moreover, I focused on giving the title too. Your title and thumbnail must constantly relate to and define the content of your video. These things also show the YouTube algorithm the people searching for the same.

  • Outsourcing your work

Making videos and uploading SEO-optimized videos is not an easy task. It contains a lot of work like research, content creation, video formation, editing, title, thumbnail, and the way of uploading. And a single performance made by a single person all of these makes it a little difficult. Moreover, with so much competition, you must have a perfect video to grow your channel. For this, I outsourced some editing and designing work to make an attractive and high-quality video to watch. Additionally, I hired a person to upload the videos at the exact time when my maximum subscribers were online. It helped me a lot at the start of my career.

  • Build a backend business

I learned from my experience that you must always make a backend business. You must not wholly depend on your YouTube channel as your income source. AdSense may take a lot of time to get approved. At the beginning of my channel, I had a digital product, which was preset. Some of my videos influence others to purchase them and pay $25. It helped a lot in investing in YouTube or for my expenses.

Make sure the product you are selling must relate to your audience. It’s not essential to sell anything. It can be a downloadable PDF, some sort of file, recipe book, etc., but have something as a backend source of income.

  • Collaborate with other creators.

Collaborating does not only mean making videos for each other. I think it went a little deeper regarding creating relations with people. Whenever you collaborate with others, you need to create your values and make value in front of the audience of other creators. Collaborating helps target the audience of the same niche, transforming their subscribers into your subscribers and vice versa. It is generally helping each other in providing each other with an audience interested in the same type of video.

  • Increase the viewer’s session time

If you increase the viewer’s time, you are working according to the YouTube algorithm. It is a significant factor through which YouTube makes money. The more time YouTube earns, the more you can earn via AdSense. That’s why if you choose a video to watch, YouTube will show that particular channel’s more videos in the suggestions to continue watching it. For this, a creator needs to create a valuable content video that motivates the user to watch more related videos.

Creating more views on your videos can also be done through FBPostLikes. It provides you with genuine engagement through likes, comments, and subscribers. The more engagement is on the video, the more YouTube recommends it to others. It also helped me a lot in gaining YouTube subscribers.

  • Post at the proper timings

Posting your video anytime when you are free does not make sense. You must always post your videos at proper timings when your maximum subscribers use YouTube. It will help you in getting the views just after uploading. A video creating views just after its upload has a positive effect on YouTube. You can find these proper timings in the YouTube settings only. You can also analyze it by posting videos at different times and analyzing it practically.

  • Be patient and persistent

You need to be patient in gaining YouTuber subscribers. Some channels increase, while some can take time. So you must not expect rapid growth of your channel. Even the slow growth provides an organic reach that will help you a lot in the future—on the other hand, making fake subscribers easily cannot help you get AdSense. With dedication and hard work, every single person can build a loyal community of subscribers. 

  • Use YouTube’s Creator Studio

You must use a feature provided by YouTube, i.e. YouTuber Creator Studio. This feature helped me a lot in my journey. It helps monitor the performance of your channel and of every video individually. By analyzing it, we can make an idea as to which type of content and what type of editing the audience prefers. It records all your progress over time and can even motivate you. Your hard work is all to grow your channel and make a digitalized fame.

  • Use humor or personality

I always prefer to add some humor to my videos. Humor helps to entertain the audience with any kind of topic, whether educational or facts video. Teachers and professionals or even consultants in an offline world have started adding humor to give a sense of happiness in the form of entertainment.

The other way to increase engagement is using a famous personality for promotion. The fans of that particular celebrity will provide a reach and help grow subscribers. My own YouTube channel tests this strategy. So you can opt for it if you are in the know of some famous personality. 

  • Respond to messages and comments 

Responding to the comments and messages to your audience is another strategy to keep your audience connected with you. As you need the people’s comments and likes on your video, they may expect the same. People want their comments to be replied to by celebrities. It shows your activeness and personal attachment to your YouTube audience. 

  • Use cross-promotion

Cross-promotion plays its role. To grab an audience made on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can put the link of your videos in your bio or as a post. Your fans will click on that video, increasing the chances of new subscribers on your YouTube channel.


Back to You

If you are here reading this, you must be a YouTuber or thinking of creating a YouTube channel. Read the above points thoroughly to get an overview of YouTube algorithms and how to run a successful channel. Through all these fantastic tips and tricks, I help my other audience gain YouTube subscribers


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