Why Court Reporters Need to Be Impartial

The mind is designed to be biased. That’s how it takes shortcuts so you can manage your day efficiently. We make assumptions and judgements every minute of every day based on our experiences. So, how does West Palm Beach court reporting ensure neutrality? Not only is it a legal requirement but it’s how they uphold their reputation.

Impartiality in West Palm Beach court reporting

West Palm Beach court reporting firms must deliver all transcripts on a timely basis. They also need to accurately state what was said during a court proceeding without showing any judgement or bias.

Any sound or nod that has been recorded needs to be recorded just as it is. Although, generally the judge or even the court reporter will ask the speaker to state their point with words rather than body language. 

Furthermore, West Palm Beach court reporting cannot accept bribes or any other incentives that could be interpreted as bribes. As they provide a document for lawyers to make their case, court reporters have a potentially powerful position. Clearly, to sway the outcome of any proceeding is against the law. That’s why, if there’s a conflict of interest, it’s important for a court reporter to speak up and state what it is. They might decide to then step off the case.

West Palm Beach court reporting firms also often manage witnesses and will swear them in. As they guide them through the process, it’s also important they don’t influence them in any way. The information they give them has to be impartial and process-focused. 

Without following these points, West Palm Beach court reporting firms risk the following:

  • Risk annulling proceedings 
  • Potential to be struck off
  • Destroy a reputation 

Risk annulling proceedings 

If it looks like a proceeding has been influenced, it will be cancelled. What follows then depends on the proceeding and the severity of the case but usually, the person involved will be disqualified and the whole process has to start again. 

Potential to be struck off

Bias puts proceedings at risk but it also puts the person at risk of losing their career. Anyone who works for the courts is an officer of the law and their career depends on trust and honesty. Destroy that and you destroy your future. 

Destroy a reputation 

Let’s also not forget that a reputation can disappear overnight. Someone struck off the list of the officers of the law could also have problems joining any other industry. After all, most industries value ethics and honesty.

How Court Reporters Manage their Neutrality 

The world we exist in isn’t straightforward and it isn’t always easy to stay impartial because as humans, we like to help people. Imagine a stressful proceeding and the lawyers are struggling to find the right strategy to move forwards. One of them might ask their West Palm Beach court reporting firm to view the draft transcript before it’s ready. This might seem simple enough but even having the draft half an hour earlier than the opposition might influence the outcome. 

In those cases, court reporters have to be assertive and very clear when explaining the process. The only thing that they can offer is to perhaps give the pre-draft to everyone early. That would have to be agreed with everyone first though so the best court reporters set expectations early. 

In short, West Palm Beach court reporting firms the complexity and urgency of the proceedings drive the right timings for everyone to agree on. Moreover, they make it clear that those timelines are fixed. Nevertheless, there are options such as real-time transcribing that can be explored.

Other ways West Palm Beach court reporting firms ensure neutrality are: 

  • Follow and audit the process 
  • Get feedback
  • Check emotions 

Follow and audit the process 

It’s important for court reporters to know the process and to regularly cross-check it with the courthouse clerks. This is a good way to make sure it stays impartial and up-to-date in terms of technology and quality. 

Get feedback

West Palm Beach court reporting firms can ask their clients for feedback on timings and quality of communication. They can also verify how the digital tools worked for them and whether the approach met their needs. This is a good way to keep improving the overall service quality. 

Check emotions 

Court reporters can be under high stress depending on the type of proceedings they’re working on. It’s therefore critical for them to keep a level head without stress. So, they ensure they balance their breaks and self-care routines as required. 

Parting Thoughts on Neutrality and West Palm Beach Court Reporting

Court reporters produce transcripts that need to be impartial to avoid influencing proceedings. Without this, they risk jeopardizing the outcome as well as their careers. It’s illegal for them to show bias so they collaborate with their West Palm Beach court reporting firms to ensure the process supports them to stay neutral and focused. That’s how they uphold their careers and the law.

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