Social Media Prompts

Automating Instagram Growth With ChatGPT Prompts

About ChatGPT is the Instagram growth wizard, the ultimate sidekick for your social media strategy. With its ability to generate captions, and hashtags, and even respond to comments, ChatGPT will make sure your Instagram account is always one step ahead of the competition. It’s like having your own personal Instagram …

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Creating Custom Visuals For Posts

Tools to use 1. DallE-2: []( 2. Aragon: []( 3. Humaaans: []( 4. Craiyon: []( 5. Stock AI: []( 6. Visualize: []( 7. OpenPeeps: []( Tips 💡 Be specific with the type of visuals and posts you want to create. 💡 Provide context and background information if necessary.  

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