Taylor Swift Songs add another in its list!!

Taylor Swift songs

Taylor Swift songs now are ready to add another song to their list. Taylor Swift newest album adds “Look What You Made Me Do,” the lead single of her highly anticipated sixth album, Reputation. Jack Antonoff has worked with Taylor Swift 1989 album, where co-wrote and co-produced the dance-pop song, including “I’m Too Sexy.” …

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If Tomorrow Comes: Book Review

If tomorrow comes

If tomorrow comes is a genuine page turner, requital, fast– paced story that fills you with a few sorts of feelings and by and large an astounding read. One thing I cherished about Sidney Sheldon is that she sets up the characters solidly to the story line (that is far …

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Welcome Home- Esha Deol’s baby shower

Esha Deol's Baby Shower

This month seems to be the time that Bollywood celebs welcome itty-bitty infants. Over the most recent couple of days, Soha Ali Khan and Esha Deol had their baby showers and the two couldn’t be more unique. Nonetheless, pictures from both advanced toward online networking and circulated around the web …

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Sunny Leone adds member to her Family

sunny leone family photos

Bollywood’s item girl Sunny Leon and her husband Daniel Weber have now added another member to their family photos. Sunny Leone’s family has a two-year-old baby girl whom they have fondly named, Nisha Kaur Weber. The couple, Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber got together and decided to get married in 2009. Sunny Leone’s …

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Vishal Sikka Sign Off

Vishal Sikka Resigned, Resignation, Infosys

On 18 August 2017 the CEO of one of the biggest IT and Business Consultancy firm’s Mr. Vishal Sikka unexpectedly resigned, while the company appointed U B Pravin Rao as the Interim Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.But why did Vishal Sikka resign? On April 15 Infosys named Venkatesan as …

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Triple Talaq – No more TALAQ!TALAQ!TALAQ!

Triple Talaq

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday prohibited ” triple talaq “, or instant divorce, followed by some in the Muslim people group, saying it is “unlawful”. But before knowing why it is in news let us first check out what is it exactly. Triple talaq is the practice adopted by Muslims, …

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Dokhlam is an area lying between Sikkim and Bhutan. The plateau is Bhutanese territory but China claims it is as Donglang in Southern Tibet. While India needs to keep on maintaining the vital favorable position it has in the locale, China is edgy to wrest an area for geo-vital reasons. …

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