Elements of Mechanical Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – EME VTU


Elements of Mechanical Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – EME VTUof as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Elements of Mechanical Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – EME VTU of Total Modules

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Elements of Mechanical Engineering VTU Notes Pdf - EME VTU

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Elements of Mechanical Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – EME VTU

Module – 1

Energy Resources: Non-renewable and renewable energy resources, Petroleum based solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Calorific values of fuels, Combustion and combustion products of fuels.Solar Power: Solar Radiation, Solar constant (definition only), Solar Thermal energy harvesting, ex: liquid flat plate collectors, solar ponds (principle of operation only), Solar photovoltaic principle. Wind Power: the principle of operation of a typical windmill. Hydro Power: Principles of electric power generation from hydropower plants, Nuclear Power: Principles of Nuclear power plants, BioFuels: the introduction to biofuels, examples of various biofuels used in engineering applications, Comparison of biofuels with petroleum fuels in terms of calorific value and emission.Steam Formation and Properties: Classification of boilers, Lancashire boiler, Babcock and Wilcox boiler, boiler mountings and accessories (No sketches for mountings and accessories), wet steam, saturated and superheated steam, specific volume, enthalpy, and internal energy. (No numerical problems in this module)

Link: Module-1


Module- 2

Turbines and IC Engines and Pumps
Steam M turbines – Classification, Principle of operation of Impulse and reaction turbines, Delaval’s turbine, Parson’s turbine. (No compounding of turbines).Gas turbines: Classification, Working principles, and Operations of the Open cycle and closed cycle gas turbines.Water turbines- Classification, Principles, and operations of Pelton wheel, Francis turbine and Kaplan turbine, Internal Combustion Engines Classification, I.C. Engines parts, 2 Stroke, and 4 stroke Petrol engines, 4 stroke diesel engines. P-V diagrams of Otto and Diesel cycles. Problems on indicated power, brake power, indicated thermal efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency, and specific fuel consumption.[Numerical on IC Engines]

Link: Module-2 


Module -3

Machine Tools Operations: Turning, facing, knurling, Thread cutting, Taper Turning by swiveling the compound rest, Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Tapping, Counter Sinking, Counter Boring, -Plane milling, End milling, Slot milling. (No sketches of Machine tools, sketches to be used only for explaining operations. Students to be shown the available machine tools in the Machine Shop of the college before explaining the operations)Robotics: Introduction, classification based on robots configuration; Polar, cylindrical, Cartesian Coordinate and spherical. Application, Advantages, and disadvantages.Automation: Definition, types –Fixed, Programmable & Flexible automation, NC/ CNC machines:Basic elements with simple block diagrams, advantages and disadvantages.

Link: Module-3 


Module – 4

Engineering Materials: Types and applications of Ferrous & Nonferrous metals and alloys, Composites: Introduction: Definition, Classification and applications.(Air craft and Automobiles) Soldering, Brazing and Welding: Definitions, classification and method of soldering, Brazing and welding. Differences between soldering, Brazing and Welding. Description of Electric Arc Welding and Oxy-Acetylene Welding.

Link: Module-4 


Module – 5

Refrigerants: properties of refrigerants, list of commonly used refrigerants. Refrigeration –Definitions – Refrigerating effect, Ton of Refrigeration, Ice making capacity, COP, Relative COP, unit of Refrigeration. Principle and working of vapor compression refrigeration and vapor .absorption refrigeration: Principles and applications of air conditioners, Room air conditioner.

Link: Module-5 

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