Engineering Workshop Lab Manual Pdf – EW Lab manual pdf


Engineering Workshop Lab Manual Pdf – EW Lab manual pdf file

Please download the Engineering Workshop Lab Manual Pdf – EW Lab manual pdf file in the below provided links.
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Lab manual experiment names

1. “Tight fitting clothes” must be worn an loose clothing is likely to be caught in moving or rotating parts of a machine, long sleeves of shirts, long hair, neck tie and jewelry are “definite hazard” in the machine shop.

2. Wear “Safety shoes” Don’t wear canvas shoes; as they give no resistance to hard objects dropper on the feet.

3. Know your job and fo11ow instructions.

4. A machine should not be started until it is determined that a11 conditions of safe operations are complied with.

5. Suitable “Fences and guards” should be in place before commencing the job. And these should be removed only for the purpose of authorized inspection and adjustment.

6. No adjustment, repair or fi11ing should be attempted while the machine is running.

7. One should know the location of “main-switch” to switch off power in case of emergency.

8. Adjust and secure the tool properly before commencing the job.

9. Wear “Safety Goggles” when working in areas, where sparks or metal chips are flying.

10. The use of “Cooling Mixture” is very essential as it preserves the cutting edges of the tool, and prevents distortion of the work.

11. Check up the “Serviceability” of a Tool, Measuring Instrument or Tester before putting it for use.

12. Accidents occur unexpectedly without prior warning, causing damage to men and Machine; these can be avoided if proper “Safety-rules” are followed.

13. Proper insulation of electric wires and ear thing of electrical appliances and machines must be ensured.

14. Maintenance of “Serviceable” fire extinguishers and water points in shop floor, for preventing “fire-Hazards” is most essential.

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