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Environmental Engineering PDF VSSUT – EE Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Module – 1

Quanitity of water

Per – capita demand, design period, population forecast,

fluctuation in demand, General requirement for water supply:

Sources, Types of intakes, Pumping and Transportation of water,

Quality of water: Physical, chemical and biological characteristic of water and their significance,

water quality criteria and standards

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Engineered system for water purification

Aeration, Coagulation and Focculation,Sedimentation, Softening,

Filtration, Disinfection, Water distribution systems,

Method of treatment, removal of colour, taste and odour control,

algicid treatment, removal of iron and manganese, fluoridations

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Generatin and collection of wastewater,

sanitary, storm and combined sewerage systems,

quantities of sanitar wastes and storm water, design of sewerage system,

Engineered system for wastewater treatment, Primary treatment,

Screening, Grit removal, Sedimentation, sedimentation aided with coagulation,

 Secondary treatment, Basics of microbiology, Growth and food utilization,

Suspended – culture systmes, Attached – culture systems, Secondary clarification,

Disinfection of effluents. Sludge treatment and disposal, Sludge characteristics, thickening, disposal.

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Air pollution

Units of measurement, sources and classification of air pollutants,

Influence of meteorological phenomena on air quality,

Lapse rate and Dispersion, Pressure systems and dispersion,

Winds and dispersion, Moisture and dispersion, Gaussian dispersion equation,

Determination of stack heights, Engineered systems for air pollution control:

Gravitational settling chamber, cyclone, ESP, Bag filter and scrubbers,

National Ambient Air quality Standards

Link: Module – 4

Text Books:

1.Environmental Engineering (Volume I & II) by S. K. Garg – Khanna Publishers

2.Environmental Engineering (Volume I & II) by B. C. Punmia – Khanna Publishers

3.Environmental Engineering by H.S. Peavy, D. R .Rowe and G.Tchobanoglous, MGH

4. Environmental Impact Assessment by Larry W. Canter, McGraw Hill.

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