Operating Systems VTU Notes Pdf – OS PDF VTU


Here you can download the Operating Systems VTU Notes Pdf – OS PDF VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Operating Systems VTU Notes Pdf – OS PDF VTU of Total Modules

Please find the download links of Operating Systems VTU Notes Pdf – OS PDF VTU are listed below:

Operating Systems VTU Notes Pdf - OS PDF VTU

Link: Complete Notes



Link: Part- A Notes



Introduction to the operating system, System structures: What operating systems do, Computer System organization, Computer System architecture, Operating System structure, Operating System operations, Process management, Memory management, Storage management, Protection and security, Distributed system, Special-purpose systems, Computing environments. Operating System Services, User -Operating System interface, System calls, Types of system calls, System programs, Operating System design and implementation, Operating System structure, Virtual machines, Operating System generation, System boot.

Link: Unit-1



Process Management: Process concept, Process scheduling, Operations on processes, Inter-process communication.Multi-Threaded Programming: Overview, Multi-threading models, Thread Libraries, Threading issues.Process Scheduling: Basic concepts, Scheduling criteria, Scheduling algorithms, Multiple-Processor scheduling, Thread scheduling.

Link: Unit-2 



Process Synchronization: The Critical section problem, Peterson’s solution, Synchronization hardware, Semaphores, Classical problems of synchronization, Monitors.

Link: Unit-3



Deadlocks: handling deadlocks, Deadlock prevention, Deadlock avoidance, Deadlock detection and recovery from deadlock.

Link: Unit-4



Link: Part- B 



Memory Management: Background, Swapping, Contiguous memory allocation, Paging, Structure of page table, Segmentation.Virtual Memory Management: Background, Demand paging, Copy-on-write, Page replacement, Allocation of frames, Thrashing.

Link: Unit-5 



File System: File concept, Access methods, Directory structure, File system mounting, File sharing, Protection. Implementing File System: File system structure, File system implementation, Directory implementation, Allocation methods, Free space management.

Link: Unit-6



Secondary storage structures, Protection: Mass storage structures, Disk
structure, Disk attachment, Disk scheduling, Disk management, Swap space management.
Protection: Goals of protection, Principles of protection, Domain of protection, Access matrix, Implementation of access.

Link: Unit-7 



The Linux Operating Systems: Linux history, Design principles, Kernel modules, Process management, Scheduling, Memory management, File systems, Input and output, Inter-process.

Link: Unit-8

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