System Software VTU Notes Pdf – SS Pdf VTU

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Here you can download the Power System Software VTU Notes Pdf – SS Pdf VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

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System Software VTU Notes Pdf – SS Pdf VTU of Total Modules

Please find the download links of  SSystem Software VTU Notes Pdf – SS Pdf VTU are listed below:

System Software VTU Notes Pdf - SS Pdf VTU

Link: Complete Notes 



Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

Machine Architecture: Introduction, System Software and Machine Architecture, Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC) – SIC Machine Architecture, SIC/XE Machine Architecture, SIC Programming Examples.

Link: Unit 1


UNIT – 2

Assemblers -1: Basic Assembler Function – A Simple SIC Assembler, Assembler Algorithm, and Data Structures, Machine Dependent Assembler Features – Instruction Formats & Addressing Modes, Program Relocation.

Link: Unit 2 


UNIT – 3

Assemblers -2: Machine-Independent Assembler Features – Literals, Symbol-Definition Statements, Expression, Program Blocks, Control Sections, and Programming Linking, Assembler Design Operations – One-Pass Assembler, Multi-Pass Assembler, Implementation Examples – MASM Assembler.

Link: Unit 3


UNIT – 4

Loaders and Linkers: Basic Loader Functions – Design of an Absolute Loader, A Simple Bootstrap Loader, Machine-Dependent Loader Features – Relocation, Program Linking, Algorithm and Data Structures for a Linking Loader; Machine-Independent Loader Features – Automatic Library Search, Loader Options, Loader Design Options – Linkage Editor, Dynamic Linkage, Bootstrap Loaders, Implementation Examples – MS-DOS Linker.

Link: Unit 4



Link: Part – B


UNIT – 5

Editors and Debugging Systems: Text Editors – Overview of Editing Process, User Interface, Editor Structure, Interactive Debugging Systems – Debugging Functions and Capabilities, Relationship With Other Parts Of The System, User-Interface Criteria

Link: Unit 5


UNIT – 6

Macro Processor: Basic Macro Processor Functions – Macro Definitions and Expansion, Macro Processor Algorithm and Data Structures, Machine-Independent Macro Processor Features – Concatenation of Macro Parameters, Generation of Unique Labels, Conditional Macro Expansion, Keyword Macro Parameters, Macro Processor Design Options Recursive Macro Expansion, General-Purpose Macro Processors, Macro Processing Within Language Translators, Implementation Examples – MASM Macro Processor, ANSI C Macro Processor.

Link: Unit 6


UNIT – 7

Lex and Yacc – 1: Lex and Yacc – The Simplest Lex Program, Recognizing Words With LEX, Symbol Tables, Grammars, Parser-Lexer Communication, The Parts of Speech Lexer, A YACC Parser, The Rules Section, Running LEX and YACC, LEX and Hand- Written Lexers, Using LEX – Regular Expression, Examples of Regular Expressions, A Word Counting Program, Parsing a Command Line.

Link: Unit 7


UNIT – 8

Lex and Yacc – 2 Using YACC – Grammars, Recursive Rules, Shift/Reduce Parsing, What YACC Cannot Parse, A YACC Parser – The Definition Section, The Rules Section, Symbol Values and Actions, The LEXER, Compiling and Running a Simple Parser, Arithmetic Expressions and Ambiguity, Variables and Typed Tokens.

Link: Unit 8


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