Transformers and Generators VTU Notes Pdf – TG Pdf VTU


Here you can download the Transformers and Generators VTU Notes Pdf – TG Pdf VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Transformers and Generators VTU Notes Pdf – TG Pdf VTU of Total Units

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Transformers and Generators VTU Notes Pdf - TG Pdf VTU

Transformers and Generators Notes VTU – TG Notes VTU

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Single phase Transformers: Review of Principle of operation, constructional details of shell type and core type single-phase transformers, EMF equation, losses and commercial efficiency, conditions for maximum efficiency (No question shall be set from the review portion). Salient features of the ideal transformer, the operation of the practical transformer under no load and on – load with phasor diagrams.

Link: Module 1 Notes



Parallel Operation of Transformers: Necessity of Parallel operation, conditions for parallel operation – Single phase and three phase. Load sharing in case of similar and dissimilar transformers. Autotransformers and Tap changing transformers: Introduction to autotransformer copper economy, equivalent circuit, three phase auto connection, and voltage regulation. Voltage regulation by tap changing – off the circuit and on load.

Link: Module 2 Notes



Transformers (continuation): Cause and effects of harmonics, Current inrush in transformers, noise in transformers. Objects of testing transformers, polarity test, Sumpner’stest. Direct current Generator – Review of construction, types, armature windings, the relation between no load and terminal voltage (No question shall be set from the review portion).Armature reaction, Commutation, and associated problems.

Link: Module 3 Notes



Synchronous generators (continuation): Generator load characteristic. Voltage regulation, excitation control for constant terminal voltage. Generator input and output. Parallel operation of generators and load sharing. Synchronous generator on infinite busbars – General load diagram, Electrical load diagram, mechanical load diagram.

Link: Module 4 Notes



Synchronous generators (continuation): Open circuit and short circuit characteristics, Assessment of reactance- short circuit ratio, synchronous reactance, and adjusted synchronous reactance and Potier reactance. Voltage regulation by EMF, MMF, ZPF and ASA methods.

Link: Module 5 Notes

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