Other Ways To Use ChatGPT To Market Your App With Prompts

Create image briefs for campaigns

Coming up with ideas for images is one of the more time-consuming parts of app marketing. Why not speed up the process with ChatGPT?

Here’s an example prompt for how you might approach this:

I’m running an app marketing campaign for my [category] app on [media source] to [goal]. Generate a list of [X] ideas for images that would [desired user action].

Let’s take a travel app running a user acquisition campaign on Facebook. The prompt would look something like this:

I’m running an app marketing campaign for my travel app on Facebook to try and get new users to download my app and book a flight. Generate a list of 5 ideas for images that would make people click on this campaign.

After prompting ChatGPT with this, I got back the following ideas for an image:

Pro tip: if you want to take your brief to the next level, try inputting your image suggestions into Midjourney.

Find influencers in your niche

Influencer marketing is huge right now in app marketing and expected to grow in 2023.

According to M&C Saatchi, “influencer marketing is much more than just paying a celebrity to post about your product. Micro influencers and content creators can help performance marketers tap into an engaged community and help tell their story.”

So how do you start to find the right influencers in your niche? ChatGPT is a great resource.

I tried the prompt: “Create a list of the top 10 influencers on YouTube talking about gaming apps” and got back the following list:

  1. PewDiePie
  2. Ninja
  3. Shroud
  4. MrBeast
  5. Ali-A
  6. Dream
  7. Lachlan
  8. Tfue
  9. Daithi De Nogla
  10. Muselk

I then asked ChatGPT to “Take the above list and add links to these influencers’ YouTube channels and websites”. I requested this data in a table so that I’d be able to easily reach out to these influencers about promoting my app.

Bonus: you can then prompt ChatGPT to draft an outreach email to each of these influencers based on the content they promote, your app’s benefits, and more.

Find relevant online publications to pitch your app to

Similar to influencers, websites – blogs, new outlets, and niche media publications – are still one of the top places for content marketing and paid campaigns. And with deep links, bringing users from ads they see on websites they know and trust straight to your app is a breeze.

Figuring out which websites are relevant for your niche is where ChatGPT can come in handy. Let’s use an example:

I have a shopping app that offers a subscription to dog owners in the United States to get a box of treats each month delivered straight to their house. List 5 websites based in the US that would be relevant to promote my app on.

The list I got back was:

I’d then do the same thing as above and start crafting outreach emails to send to the site’s owners.

Streamline customer feedback analysis

ChatGPT is a great addition to help you refine your product-market fit and app marketing strategy based on what real users are saying. The trouble with user feedback is it often takes a ton of time to review all of the quotes and identify common themes. That’s where ChatGPT comes in.

You can input a large data set of user feedback and ask ChatGPT to identify common patterns and sort it into succinct key themes.

This will save you tons of time and effort and direct your strategy more efficiently.

But how is this done in reality?

I copied and pasted all of the reviews for an app on the app store and input it into ChatGPT. I then prompted the AI to 1) Pull out key themes and 2) add 50-word summaries of the quotes.

Here’s (an abridged version of) what I got back:

This is super-relevant feedback to pass on to your product team and developers to improve your app, and pure gold when it comes to refining your messaging strategy and addressing common objections users may have to your app.

ChatGPT for the win!

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