Streamline App Store Optimization (ASO) By ChatGPT Prompts

In an increasingly competitive app marketplace, ASO is a crucial part of the app marketing mix.

ChatGPT can help you improve visibility, reach, and conversion rates in app stores by helping you write better descriptions and highlight the benefits of your app in a more strategic way.

Generating targeted keyword lists

There are so many different angles you can approach this one from.

  • Ask ChatGPT if it knows [X] brand that’s your competition and ask it to name the top 15 keywords related to [X brand]
  • Input the long descriptions of your top 10 competitors and ask ChatGPT to list the most important words in each description. Then add these to a table and pivot around the frequency used.
  • Try the short and sweet “List keywords relating to [app niche or category] apps.”
  • Mine app store reviews, put them into the chat, and prompt ChatGPT to pull out top keywords used by real users.

Writing better app names and titles

The app title is the official name of the app displayed on your product page in the App Store or Google Play store. This is considered to be one of the most significant ASO ranking factors.

Use this prompt to help come up with an optimized name:

I am creating a [app category] app for [describe persona]. Create an ASO-optimized, unique app name under 30 characters long. Use the following combinations: brand name + single keyword, brand name: keywords and phrases, condense words and phrases or create a completely new word. Use the following list of keywords [paste keyword list].

Then follow up by creating a subtitle:

Using the name [app name], generate [X number] of App Store subtitles under 30 characters.

You might also want to try re-prompting ChatGPT by uploading a list of 15 keywords you want to optimize for, along with their respective search volume, and requesting it to recommend five App Store subtitles of a maximum of 30 characters containing the most relevant keywords.

Then create an app description:

I am creating a [app category] app for [describe persona] named [app name]. Its key features include [list features]. Generate an ASO-optimized, 4,000-character app description that utilizes the following keywords: [insert keyword list]. The description must include compelling features, what makes the app unique, what a user will love about it, key benefits, and what problem it solves.

Analyzing and extracting information from user reviews

By copying and pasting the existing reviews into ChatGPT, you can understand the features that resonate most with your users (or users of competitors’ apps) and implement them into various elements of your app store listing.

Ask ChatGPT to analyze what features of your app are the most popular ones, based on inputting reviews of your or your competitors’ app(s), and sort them by common themes. Then, make sure to bake those features into the various elements of your app store description, screenshots, and more.

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