If Tomorrow Comes: Book Review


If tomorrow comes is a genuine page turner, requital, fast– paced story that fills you with a few sorts of feelings and by and large an astounding read. One thing I cherished about Sidney Sheldon is that she sets up the characters solidly to the story line (that is far various even from the creative energy) with the goal that you wouldn’t quit respecting them. Such are the characters of If Tomorrow Comes- Tracy Whitney, Jeff Stevens, Ernestine, Cooper, Reynolds, et cetera… Perhaps she makes oneself continue wagering to think about what’s next energizing thing going to occur in the story.

What a gigantic contrast between the woman toward the start of the story where Tracy Whitney is youthful, wonderful and shrewd – and going to wed into riches and style. Until, abruptly, she is sold out, surrounded by a savage Mafia group, relinquished by the man she cherishes. Just her creativity spares her and causes her battle back. The change of the honest woman into a capable, clever and the best of con players is extremely persuading and adequate. Each scene abandons you no time for speculating and keeps drew in to appreciate the turns in the story. Barely one could envision what’s in the store from the story teller.

Imagining about consider the possibility that tomorrow comes and a similar woman toward the end envisioning about the tomorrow coming. It’s all fate.

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