Kalki 2898 AD Review: Prabhas Impresses As Modern-Day ‘Karan’ But It Is Amitabh Bachchan’s Show


Kalki 2898 AD review: Amitabh Bachchan and Prabhas shine in the film.

Kalki 2898 AD Review: This is the day we all have been waiting for. Nag Ashwin’s much-awaited movie, Kalki 2898 AD is finally here. Starring Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan in the lead, the film is now in theatres and is definitely worth a watch.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead: Kalki 2898 AD heavily draws from Mahabharata and the Kalki Purana. It is set in Kashi – a city that has mythological significance among Hindus in India. In the film, it has been described as the last city in the world where humans can survive with water and food availability. A unique blend of Hindu mythology and science fiction, Kalki revolves around a modern avatar of Lord Vishnu, who has descended on Earth to protect the world from the forces of evil.

The story begins in Kaashi, a land rich in resources, ruled by Saswata Chatterjee’s character, who demands complete loyalty. A prophecy reveals a child will overthrow him, and Deepika Padukone’s character, Sumathi carries this child. To protect his reign, the king puts a bounty on her head. Prabhas’ character, Bhairava, a top hunter, believes it’s his destiny to capture her. Amitabh Bachchan’s Ashwatthama aims to protect her.

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the biggest reasons one should watch this film. He plays the role of Ashwatthama and proves why he is the superstar of Indian cinema. Kalki begins with a younger version of Big B. It makes you feel nostalgic and reminds you of all the films that Amitabh did in his early days. At 81, he performs all his scenes, even action sequences, with utmost perfection. His fight with Prabhas is a treat for all. Dare not to blink even for a second.

Kalki is an out-and-out Amitabh film. Even though we see very little of him in the first half, the actor’s screen time increases in the second half. The intensity with which he delivers his dialogues is worth praise. Overall, Amitabh Bachchan shines in the film and makes you bow down to him with respect.

On the other hand, Prabhas looks super cool in the film. His long-haired avatar and casual approach towards his scenes are worth a watch. Prabhas’ Bhairava and Bujji add an element of humour to Kalki. Even though Prabhas’ action sequences in the first half lack energy, in the second half, he stuns all with his fierce avatar. His fight with Amitabh Bachchan surely deserves a special mention and is one of the major highlights of the film. He is the modern-day Karn you will surely love to watch.

Deepika Padukone plays the role of a Sumathi, who holds the future of Kashi in her hand. It is believed, that she is carrying lord Vishnu’s avatar in her belly. Deepika, who is also expecting her first child with Ranveer Singh in real life, is proudly seen flaunting her baby bump in the movie. She not only looks the prettiest but also performs her scene with grace and beauty. She manages to portray several emotions – confusion, happiness, and fear with perfection. Surely, Deepika is a delight to watch on screen.

Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan plays the role of Yaskin in Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898 AD. He gets very little screen time in the film but plays with his expressions very well. Kalki ends with an assurance that Kamal Haasan’s character is going to develop big in the film’s sequel.

Dulquer Salmaan, SS Rajamouli, Ram Gopal Varma and Mrunal Thakur also make special appearances in the film which will be some wonderful treats to fans. Vijay Deverakonda also appears as Mahabharat’s Arjun in the film. He impresses with his charm and manages to show his acting prowess in the little time he gets. Maybe it’s time for Vijay Deverakonda to sign a mythological film, surely audiences will love it after his cameo in Kalki.

Kalki 2898 AD will surely remind you of some Hollywood films like Dune or Mad Max. It is primarily because of the visual setting of the film. It is a desert-like visual theme of the movie which might remind you of Dune. But the two films are entirely different.

Director Nag Ashwin deserves a pat on the back for the efforts he has put in to take Indian cinema to the global level with this film. His film’s climax will remind you of Avengers: Endgame or any other Marvel movie. Ashwin did not digress from his script, churned out the best of all actors, and spent much time on VFX to make it look ‘futuristic’. He also mixed Mahabharat with today’s world in a very well-defined way. He does not let either of them overpower the other and manages to strike a balance. However, the director should have paid much more attention to the action sequences in the first half. They look weak and leave you disappointed.

Even the writing of the first half lacked the punch. It is boring and confusing but wait for the second half of the film. The film develops post-interval and starts to fall into place. You finally begin to understand what was happening in the first half and the plot becomes clear. It then plays on the intriguing factor and makes you wonder, ‘What will happen next?’ It combines action with visual spectacle and mythology with technology and science – which makes the film worth watching.

The film ends on a high note and leaves you with several questions – Who will be Deepika’s child? How will Amitabh’s Ashwathama protect Deepika? What does Kamal Haasan’s character want? Will Prabhas realise his true powers? What is Project K? How will the battle between science and mythology end?

Can’t wait to watch Nag Ashwin’s Kalki world ahead!

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