Madhuri Dixit talks about her “Happiness Routine” with Youtube Sensation, Prajakta Koli AKA ‘Mostlysane’


In a candid chat with Youtuber Prajakta Koli, also known as ‘Mostlysane’, Madhuri Dixit Nene spoke about the skills and hobbies she has developed during the lock down, the motivations behind her Bollywood journey and her “Happiness Routine” to be able always look on the brighter side of things.

Mostlysane collaborated with Madhuri Dixit to not only celebrate her acting debut in the short film, ‘Khayali Pulao’ but also to inspiring similarities between the character of Aasha and the Aaja Nachle actress, in real life.

The video was a part of the series of videos Mostlysane posts on her channel, i.e. a #RealTalkTuesdayVideo. Prajakta Koli begun the video talking about her favorite Madhuri Dixit memory as a teenager, dancing on ‘Maini Mai Mundere Pe Teri’. She then welcomed Madhuri Dixit on her channel and the duo began talking about the skills they could learn with the free time on them during the lock down.

The Dhak Dhak Girl on what she learnt in the lockdown: 

Madhuri Dixit expressed that how since they can’t step out, all the shooting has to take place at home which is why, she has learnt the art of lighting and shooting using cameras at multiple angles in her own way with the help of her husband and family and tutorials on Youtube.

Madhuri Dixit recently debuted as a singer as she released her song “Candle” on her Youtube Channel. She had sung in this song which is based on the theme of “Hope” and “Positivity” during the difficult times of the global pandemic. She amazed the audiences with her melodious voice and it was definitely an amazing revelation.

She also mentioned in her chat with Prajakta Koli, that she had always been inclined towards singing, along with dancing and that her stint in”Candle’ is very special for her.

You can watch the song here:

The Hum Aapke Hai Kaun actress also talked about how, in whatever she did in her life, her heart has dominated all those decisions.”When i did Mrutyudand, there were many people who said that don’t do this film.It is an “art’ film and you are a commercial film heroine. Although, i followed my heart.” said the actress.

Madhuri Dixit got nostalgic about her journey: 

Going back to the initial days of her career, Madhuri Dixit became nostalgic and shared that how she always knew that she would be doing something related to dance, because she is a trained Kathak Dancer, but acting was never on her bucket list. Science ran through the Dixit family’s blood and she also had ended up taking Microbiology, but after her first film, Abhodh, she discovered that acting was her calling.

Prajakta also asked her about how she handled failure in the initial phase of her career to which she said that her parents, especially her mother has been a pillar of strength for her always . The Devdas actress stated that her mother was the one who told her to keep on trying, failure and success will come and go but you have to continue giving your best.

Mostlysane, towards the end of the chat, went on to ask her that how has she managed to keep herself happy and motivated to get up every morning and hit the sets, even on bad days and whether is there a ‘Happiness Routine’ that she has followed?

“On should never lose curiosity in life. Never feel that there is never scope for something better to come into your life, rather keep your mind occupied. Learn new things, and explore different arenas and don’t fear failure. Say, you ant to try painting, do it, even if you fail, it will be your creation. And the feeling of creating something of your own is the best.” Madhuri Dixit replied. Indeed, curiosity is the drive to keep us going forward.

The video has till now garnered more than 2 lakh views and has received a lot of love from the fans.

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