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Are you the type who feels super excited and blissful after watching those cute love stories? Do you think that Hollywood Romantic movies are your preferred genre? Then here is a list of a few must watch Hollywood romantic movies that can curl you up in your bed:

  1. P.S. I Love You:

The movie is a plaintive story of a young widow trying to give life a second chance after the demise of her beloved husband. After the death of her husband, she was unaware of the fact that her husband had already planned something for her birthday until she found her first letter. Guided by the letters, the movie is an absolute tearjerker and would be successful in touching your heart every time you see it. 

Romantic Movies

  1. The Notebook

This one is a typical romance where a not so wealthy guy meets a goofy girl and falls head over heels for her the very first time he sees her. As soon as the girl’s family comes to know about their love, they make every possible attempt to separate them. They had been successful in doing so for a very long time until they both meet after years have passed by and the girl gets to know that her mother had been hiding all the letters that Noah (the guy) had sent her all along. The story is narrated by the older Noah to her beloved, for now, she doesn’t remember him anymore due to her illness.

  1. The Holiday

Two women, strangers to each other, hopelessly single and vexed with their lives, decide to swap their houses. Both Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz go on to find their love in the new swapped places and thus with the love of their life by their side, all four of them together end up enjoying their New Year’s Eve.

  1. Pretty Woman:

The story is a fairy tale for every other girl who is still waiting for her hero. The story is of a hooker and a very rich business tycoon who happen to meet on the street. Richard Gere asks Julia to spend a night with him for which he would pay her a hefty amount. The story builds up and their chemistry grows and Julia ends up staying with him for not just one night but for all the nights for the rest of their lives together.

  1. A Walk to Remember:

A walk to remember is another must watch, a beautiful love story set in North Carolina and comprising two very different teenagers. Landon, a troubled teenager, receives a punishment of playing a part in the college play. Finding it difficult to learn lines, Landon takes some help from Jamie to learn those lines. They meet and eventually fall in love. Landon later finds out that Jamie suffers from leukemia, and then his gestures to fulfill Jamie’s each dream displays his true and unaffected love.

Add these to your list of Romantic movies for sure.

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