The ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer Reunites Your Favorite ’90s Couple


On the off chance that you’ve been holding up since the mid-90s to discover what happened to Hey Arnold and his buddies, hold up no more. On Friday, Nickelodeon discharged the Hey Arnold motion picture trailer at New York Comic-Con, and on BuzzFeed Entertainment’s Facebook page. Lastly, you may get the opportunity to see your top choice ’90s couple (that never really got together) rejoin. Obviously, that is Helga and Hey Arnold.

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‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer

The Jungle Movie guarantees far beyond getting up to speed with Helga and Arnold’s will-they-or-won’t-they? There’s Arnold’s voyage to at long last meet his folks, and also his eternity companionship with Gerald. Be that as it may, the way that Helga and Arnold chance upon each other in the city — and yes, despite everything she has that biting gum sanctum in her room — just appears like destiny.

There’s even a minute in the trailer where it would seem that Helga nearly is going to admit her adoration for her football-headed pulverize while they’re on a pontoon, however then gets intruded. Much the same as Helga and Arnold’s adventure, this motion picture has been bound to happen — all things considered, it’s been over 10 years since the Nickelodeon indicate went off the air. Craig Bartlett told the Comic-Con swarm, “It makes me glad we waited. Even though it was painful.” Also, from the looks of the trailer, that is just shy of two minutes, the motion picture is stuffed with cameos that won’t baffle. You get the opportunity to see Eugene, the adored Klutz, who lamentably has setback tailing him all over the place. There’s the arrival of Grandpa and Grandma, alongside Abner, the pet pig. Over that, there’s Stinky, Herold, Rhonda, Mr Simmons, and Phoebe — and that is recently the short rundown.

Discussing, it would appear that she has her very own romantic tale. In the trailer, Helga’s learned BFF is seen kissing Gerald on the cheek. In case you’re a dependable aficionado of the show, you know Phoebe’s smash on Gerald has been a repeating some portion of the arrangement, so their minute might be present. Also, would you be able to envision that it’d be so sweet to see Phoebe and Gerald and Helga and Arnold at long last all be as one? It’d be two ’90s children’s boats worked out as expected. Regardless of whether the romantic tale amongst Helga and Arnold really becomes alright, fans as of now have a lot of emotions on the issue.

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