5 Vegetables with High in Iron for Pure Vegetarians

Iron Rich Foods Vegetarian – As everyone knows that Iron is the essential mineral which transports oxygen to all parts of our body. If you have any deficiency in Iron then your body may not be that healthy and you can cause Fatigue or any kind of Weakness. Even sometimes having too much Iron also leads to harmful radicals which lead to damage to organs. So better to have a required amount of Vegetables which have a good quantity of Iron.Vegetables high in Iron | What foods are high in Iron | Foods that Contain Iron | Iron Rich Foods Vegetarian | Vegetables containing Iron | Rich Source of Iron Vegetarian | Foods High in Iron | Foods with High Iron Content | Iron Rich Fruits and Vegetables

List of Iron Rich Foods Vegetarian:

Here is the complete list of Vegetables which have a good quantity of Iron. Use this Vegetables once in a while and have required an amount of Iron in your Body.

1# Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green Vegetable will have a large quantity of Iron in it. Vegetables like Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Beet greens and Collard have 2.5- 6.4 m of Iron per cooked cup.

These Leafy green Vegetable have 100 grams more quantity of Iron than boiled and shockingly 3 times more than Chicken.

2# Tomato Paste

Raw Tomatoes have less amount of Iron but if the Tomatoes are dried or concentrated then you can et much quantity of Iron. You can get 1.3 – 2.5 m per half cup of Ironwhenn dried.

3#. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are Rich in Iron and you can get 2.7 m of Iron from one cup to White  Mushrooms. Oyster Mushrooms gives you much amount of Iron when compared to other types of Mushrooms.

4#. Potatoes

295 rams of Potatoe gives you 3.2 m of Iron and if you use sweet Potatoe then you will get 2.1 m of Iron of 300 grams.

5# Palm Hearts

Palm Hearts ave rich quantity of Fiber, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamine C, and Folate. Palm Hearts also gives you 4.6 m per cup when it is rilled.

So these are best five Vegetables which gives your rich quantity of Iron in your Daily Life.

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