Financial Services 3 Notes VTU | FS 3 Pdf VTU

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Here you can download the Financial Services 3 Notes VTU | FS 3 Pdf of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

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Financial Services 3 Notes VTU | FS 3 Pdf of Total Modules

Please find the download links of Financial Services 3 Notes VTU | FS 3 Pdf VTU are listed below:

Financial Services 3 Notes VTU | FS 3 Pdf VTU

Link: Complete Notes


Module – 1

Investment Banking,Introduction,Functions of Investment Banks,Types of Investment Banks,Investment Banking Services,Merchant Banking Services,Issue Management,Pre issue and Post issue obligations,Changing landscape of Investment Banking Regulation of the Capital Market,SEBI regulations for merchant bankers, brokers and sub-brokers, intermediaries and portfolio managers- SEBI issue and Listing of Debt securities Regulation 2008.

Link: Module-1


Module – 2

Depository System: Objectives, activities, interacting systems, the role of depositories and their services, Advantages of depository system – NSDL and CDSL. The process of clearing and settlement through Depositories, Depository Participants. Regulations relating to Depositories-SEBI (Depositories and Participants) Regulations 1996- Registration of depository and participant- Rights and Obligations of depositories and participants – Recent amendments Custodial services- The Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited.

Link: Module-2 


Module – 3

Housing Finance: Role, Types of housing loans, Institutions and banks offering Housing Finance, Procedure and Interest rates. Income Tax Implication. Reverse mortgage loan.Non-Banking Finance Companies: Types, Growth, Functions, RBI Guidelines, and Prudential Norms.

Link: Module-3 


Module – 4

Factoring: Origin, Types, Factoring mechanism, advantages, factoring charges, International factoring, Factoring in India Forfeiting: Origin, characteristics, benefits, a difference between factoring and forfeiting, the growth of forfeiting in India.

Link: Module-4 


Module – 5

Underwriting: Concept-Devolvement-Business model-Underwriting in fixed price offers and book built offers.Venture Capital: Concept, features, Origin and the current Indian Scenario. Private equity-Investment banking perspectives in private equity. Micro finance-The paradigm-NGOs and SHGs-Microfinance delivery mechanisms-Future of microfinance.

Link: Module-5 


Module – 6

Leasing: Concept, Steps in Leasing Transactions, Types of Lease, Legal frameworks, Advantages and disadvantages of Leasing, Contents of a Lease Agreement, Matters on Depreciation and Tax, Problems in leasing, Factors influencing Buy or Borrow or Lease Decision.
Hire Purchasing: Concepts and features, Hire Purchase Agreement, Comparison of Hire Purchase with Credit sale, Instalment sale, and Leasing. Banks and Hire Purchase. Problems related to the outright purchase, Hire purchase and Leasing.

Link: Module-6 


Module – 7

Credit rating: Definition and meaning, Process of the credit rating of financial instruments, Rating methodology, Rating agencies, Rating symbols of different companies. Rating agencies for SMEs.
Securitization of debt: Meaning, Features, Special Purpose Vehicle, Types of securitisable assets, Benefits of Securitization, Issues in Securitization.

Link: Module-7 

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