GATE Chemistry Question Papers | Gate Chemistry Solved Papers


GATE Chemistry Question Papers & Gate Chemistry Solved Papers

Here you can find in the below link of GATE Chemistry Question Papers – Gate Chemistry Solved Papers of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Chemistry Question Papers | Gate Chemistry Solved Papers


GATE CY 2017 Question Paper GATE CY 2017 Key Paper
GATE CY 2016 Question Paper GATE CY 2016 Key Paper
GATE CY 2015 Question Paper GATE CY 2015 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate CY question papers are listed below:

1. The metal ion and the macrocyclic skeleton present in the green pigment of plants, respectively, are
(A) Mg(II) and chlorin
(B) Mg(II) and corrin
(C) Mn(II) and chlorin
(D) Mg(II) and porphine

2. “If you are looking for a history of India, or for an account of the rise and fall of the British Raj, or for the reason of the cleaving of the subcontinent into two mutually antagonistic parts and the effects this mutilation will have in the respective section, and ultimately on Asia, you will not find it in these page; for though I have spent a lifetime in the country, I live too near the seat of events, and was too intimately associated with the actors, to get the perspective needed fro the impartial recording of these matters”.
Here, the word ‘antagonistic’ is closest in meaning to
(A) impartial
(B) argumentative
(C) separated
(D) hostile

3. Of the vibrational modes given below, the IR active mode(s) is(are)

4. The experimental ionization energies of hydrogen and helium atoms in their ground states are, respectively, 13.6 eV and 24.6 eV. The ground state energy of helium atom, in eV, is

5. Which one of the following plots represents an acceptable wavefunction?

6. Which one of the following defines the absolute temperature of a system?

7. Which of the following properties are characteristic of an ideal solution?

8. The compound with planar geometry is

10. The electrical conductivity of a metal

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