GATE Textile Engineering Question Papers with Solutions


GATE Textile Engineering Question Papers with Solutions

Here you can find in the below link of GATE Textile Engineering Question Papers with Solutions of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Textile Engineering Question Papers with Solutions


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GATE TF 2016 Question Paper GATE TF 2016 Key Paper
GATE TF 2015 Question Paper GATE TF 2015 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate TF question papers are listed below:

1. The characteristic observation in burning test of cotton fibre is
(A) Burns readily with whitish ash as residue
(B) Burns with dripping
(C) Burns with burning hair smell
(D) Melts and forms a hard bead

2. During crystallization of polyester
(A) Heat is evolved
(B) Heat is absorbed
(C) No exchange of heat takes place
(D) Small molecule such as water is eliminated

3. Which of the following is a multi-step numerical method for solving the ordinary differential equation?
(A) Euler method
(B) Improved Euler method
(C) Runge-Kutta method
(D) Adams-Multon method

4. Which of the following features IS NOT found in a crepe weave
(A) Highly irregular surface-puckered in appearance
(B) Prominent twill effect on the fabric
(C) Minute spots or seeds spread over the fabric
(D) High twist yarn with controlled shrinkage

5. In the context of effluent discharge, BOD means
(A) Bio-oxidative degradation
(B) Bio oxygen distress
(C) Biological oxygen demand
(D) Bacteria observed on disc

6. In ring spinning, the tension in yarn is the maximum
(A) Between the lappet guide and front roller
(B) Where the balloon radius is the maximum
(C) In winding zone
(D) Just below the lappet guide

7. The unique ability of woven fabric to drape in multiple curvatures is mainly due to
(A) High tensile modulus
(B) Low shear rigidity
(C) Low compressibility
(D) High bending rigidity

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