High Voltage Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – HVE Pdf VTU


Here you can download the High Voltage Engineering VTU Notes PDF – HVE Notes of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

High Voltage Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – HVE Pdf VTU of Total Modules

Please find the download links of High Voltage Engineering VTU Notes Pdf – HVE Pdf VTU are listed below:

Here you can download the Engineering Mathematics 1 VTU Notes PDF - M1 Notes of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

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HVE Notes VTU | High Voltage Engineering Notes VTU | VTU HVE Notes


Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

INTRODUCTION: Introduction to HV technology, advantages of transmitting electrical power at high voltages, need for generating high voltages in the laboratory. Important applications of high voltage, Electrostatic precipitation, separation, painting, and printing.

Link: Unit 1 Notes


UNIT- 2 & 3

BREAKDOWN MECHANISM OF GASEOUS, LIQUID AND SOLID MATERIALS: Classification of HV insulating media. Properties of important HV insulating media under each category.Gaseous dielectrics: Ionizations: primary and secondary ionization processes.Criteria for gaseous insulation breakdown based on Townsend’s theory. Limitations of Townsend’s theory.      Streamer’s theory breakdown in nonuniform fields. Corona discharges. A breakdown in electronegative gasses.    Paschen ’s law and its significance. Time lags of Breakdown. A breakdown in solid dielectrics: Intrinsic Breakdown, avalanche breakdown, thermal breakdown, and electro-mechanic breakdown. Breakdown of liquids dielectric, Suspended particle theory, electronic Breakdown, cavity breakdown  (bubble’s theory), electroconvection breakdown.

Link: Unit 2 & 3 Notes



for cascade connection and working of transformers units connected in cascade. Series resonant circuit a principle of operation and advantages. Tesla coil. HV DC- voltage doubler circuit, cock croft- Walton type high voltage DC set. Calculation of high voltage regulation, ripple and an optimum number of stages for minimum voltage drop.

Link: Unit 4 Notes



Link: Part B Notes



GENERATION OF IMPULSE VOLTAGES AND CURRENTS: Introduction to standard lightning and switching impulse voltages. Analysis of single stage impulse generator expression for Output impulse voltage. Multistage impulse generator working of Marx impulse. Rating of the impulse generator. Components of multistage impulse generator. Triggering of impulse generator by three electrode gap arrangement. Triggering gap and oscillograph time sweep circuits. Generation of switching impulse voltage. Generation of high impulse current.

Link: Unit 5 Notes



MEASUREMENT OF HIGH VOLTAGES: Electrostatic voltmeter-principle, construction, and limitation. Chubb and Fortescue method for HV AC measurement. Generating voltmeter-Principle, construction. Series resistance micro ammeter for HV DC measurements. Standard sphere gap measurements of HV AC, HV DC, and impulse voltages; Factors affecting the measurements. Potential dividers-resistance dividers capacitance dividers mixed RC potential dividers. Measurement of high impulse currents-Rogogowsky coil and Magnetic Links.

Link: Unit 6 Notes



NON-DESTRUCTIVE INSULATION TESTING TECHNIQUES: Dielectric loss and loss angle measurements using Schering Bridge, Transformer ratio Arms Bridge. Need for discharge detection and PD measurements aspects. Factor affecting the discharge detection.Discharge detection methods-straight and balanced methods.

Link: Unit 7 Notes



HIGH VOLTAGE TESTS ON ELECTRICAL APPARATUS: Definitions of terminologies, tests on isolators, circuit breakers, cables insulators, and transformers.

Link: Unit 8 Notes

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