Internal Combustion Engine & Gas Turbines Notes VSSUT


Internal Combustion Engine & Gas Turbines Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Internal Combustion Engine & Gas Turbines Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Classification of IC engines

working cycles, comparison of two stroke & four stroke engines,

Comparison between SI & CI engines. Fuel combustion &Fuel injection:

Structure & composition of IC engine fuel, Fuel rating properties of fuel,

Fuel additives and non-petroleum fuels. Fuel air requirement for ideal normal operation,

maximum power & quick acceleration, simple carburetor & its draw back.

Practical carburetor, petrol injection. Requirements & type of

diesel injection system, fuel pump, injectors &nozzles

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Module – 2

Ignition &combustion in IC Engines

Battery, magneto & Electronic ignition systems, Ignition timing,

spark advance mechanism. Stages of SI engine combustion,

Effect of engine variables on ignition lag flame front propagation.

Abnormal combustion, preignition & detonation, Theory of detonation,

Effect of engine variables on detonation, Control of detonation.

Requirement of good combustion chambers for SI engines.

Stages of CI engine combustion. Effect of engine variables on delay periods.

Diesel Knock & methods of control in CI engine combustion chambers

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Testing and performance

Power, Fuel and air measurement methods, performance of SI and CI Engines,

Characteristics curve. Variables affecting performance and methods to improve engine performance.

Cooling and Lubricating Systems, Engine Emission & Controls:

Air cooling and Water cooling system, Effect of cooling on power output & efficiency,

properties of lubricants &types of lubricating system engine emission & its harmful effect.

Methods of measuring pollutants and control of engine emission.

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Gas turbines

Introduction, open & closed cycle gas turbines, Constant volume &constant pressure cycles.

Thermodynamic analysis of ideal basic cycle with regeneration reheat & intercooling.

Analysis of ideal basic cycle considering actual losses. Application of gas turbine

Link: Module – 4

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