Radar system important questions (RS)

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Radar system important questions (RS)

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  1. What is blind speed? What are the methods used to eliminate blind speed in MTI Radars?
  2. Explain about range gated Doppler Filters?
  3. The MTI radar used by a traffic control police to measure the speed of vehicles. If the Doppler frequency shift measured from the moving vehicle is 2 kHz. Calculate the speed of vehicle, if radar is operating at 1GHz with PRF of 2000Hz.
  4. Discuss about the internal fluctuation of clutter which limits the performance of MTI Radar?


  • Explain with the help of block diagram amplitude comparison monopulse radars for extracting error signals in both elevation and azimuth?
  • Why does tracking radar have poor accuracy at low elevation angles Explain?
  • With diagrams explain Split-range-gate tracking?
  • Compare the different trackers?


  • Discuss the relations between the matched filter characteristics and correlation function?
  • Explain detection criteria in radar signals?
  • Explain how a multiple frequency CW radar technique is used for the accurate measurement of distance in surveying and in missile guidance?
  • What is FM altimeter? Explain how it works and what are the applications of it?


  • Define the noise figure of a radar receiver. Derive an expression for the noise figure of N networks that are in cascade.
  • Explain the different types of displays used in radar receiver?
  • Discuss Radar CRT phosphor characteristics?
  • Explain about Color CRTs?

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