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Very large scale integration Notes VSSUT – VLSI Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Very large scale integration Notes VSSUT – VLSI Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Issues and Challenges in VLSI Design, VLSI Design Methodology,

VLSI Design Flow, VLSI Design Hierarchy,VLSI Design Styles, CAD Technology,

VLSI Fabrication Technology: Basic Steps of Fabrication,CMOS p-Well and n-Well Processes,

Layout Design, Design Rules, Stick Diagram,Bi-CMOS Fabrication Process.

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

CMOS Inverter: MOS Device Model with Sub-micron Effects, VTC Parameters
(DC Characteristics),

CMOS Propagation Delay, Parasitic Capacitance Estimation,

Layout of an Inverter, Switching, Short-Circuit and Leakage Components of Energy and Power,

Interconnects: Resistance, Capacitance Estimation, delays,

Buffer Chains, Low Swing Drivers, Power Dissipation,and Performance Optimization
of Digital Circuits by Logical Effort and Transistor Sizing.

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Combinational Logic Circuits: Static CMOS Logic Circuits: Complementary CMOS,

Ratioed Logic, Pass Transistor Logic, Transmission Gate Logic,
DCVS Logic, Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuits; Sequential Logic Circuits: Static Latches
and Registers,

Dynamic Latches and Registers, Pulse Based Registers,

Sense Amplifier Based Registers,Semiconductor Memories: Non-Volatile and Volatile
Memory Devices,
Flash Memories, SRAM, DRAM.

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Design Capture Tools, Hardware Description Language: VHDL,

Testing and Verification: Defects, Fault Models, Design Strategies for Testing,

Chip Level and System Level Test Techniques, Packaging Technology.

Link: Module – 4

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Design Perspective, 2/e, Prentice Hall of India, 2003.
2. N. Weste and D. Harris, CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems
Perspective, 3/e, Pearson Education India, 2007
3. Kang and Leblebici, CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design,
3/e, McGraw Hill, 2003.

Reference Books:
1. D. A. Hodges, H. G. Jackson, R. Saleh, Analysis and Design of Digital
Integrated Circuits in Deep submicroscopic Technology, 3/e, McGraw Hill, 2004.
2. Douglas A.Pucknell, Kamran Eshiraghian, Basic VLSI Design, 3/e P H I,
3. J. P. Uyemura, Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems, John Wiley &
Sons (Asia), 2002
4. W. Wolf, Modern VLSI Design – System on Chip design, 3/e, Pearson
Education, 2004.
5. VHDL Programming by example- Perry, T M H

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