The Growth of Betting Apps in India

Sports betting has grown in popularity in India, with more and more betting sites inviting Indian players and taking INR deposits. More players have transferred their betting activities to mobile devices in recent years, which is why the majority of betting sites have built specialized apps to provide the greatest betting experience punters could ask for.

India has an estimated 730 million internet users. In India, mobile devices account for an astounding 93 percent of internet usage. Simply put, more individuals have an internet-capable phone than a steady internet connection in their houses.

The Popularity of Cricket Betting in India

The top 5 IPL betting app platforms have millions of fans in India. However, they are not strictly specialized in cricket, but rather apps with a myriad of sports, including cricket.

With that in mind, here are some of the primary reasons behind the explosive rise of betting apps in India.

Depositing Money in Betting Apps Has Been Made Easier

Considering they offer a range of payment methods; betting apps make it much easier to make deposits. Some betting apps, for example, let players make deposits and payments by simply adding gambling fees to their monthly phone bills. By removing the need to disclose credit card information, these apps instantly make phone casino transactions safer and more convenient.

Apart from that, mobile betting applications accept a variety of e-wallets, vouchers, credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, and other payment options that aren’t available on all betting sites. Since many of the online casinos are now available on both smartphones and PCs, a betting app in a mobile version will provide its players with more deposit possibilities.

Assistance from Top-Tier Online Casino Developers 

The whole Indian betting sector is now working to promote and improve the phone casino experience in any way feasible. As a result, nearly all major Indian betting sites have developed smartphone betting apps, considerably enriching and increasing the online casino community and business as a whole.

Any business that wants to be at the top must provide something unique and in-demand that the competition cannot or will not deliver. This is a fundamental law that applies not just to technology, but also business in general and, to a lesser extent, to life itself. 

Smartphone casinos are more accessible, useable, mobile, sufficiently powerful, and convenient than desktop betting sites.  As a result, this is a step forward for the Indian online betting Industry that will continue to grow every year.

Accessibility for All

Many people in India have access to desktop computers in their homes. However, many more people have access to cell phones with an active internet connection. In nearly any Indian household, the overall number of cell phones will almost probably outnumber the total number of desktop computers.

Although smartphones are computers in their own right, they are portable, can make phone calls, and are significantly more intuitive and user-friendly than desktop computers. It is due to these reasons that everyone has secured access to a smartphone.

The rationale is straightforward: because most people own smartphones, they are more likely to gamble on games via mobile betting applications on that device than on a shared desktop with friends and family.

The Advantages of Convenience

Previously, there was no rivalry between Indian regular land-based casinos and online casinos because the latter provided and continues to provide several advantages and conveniences. 

You can deposit and withdraw real money at these online casinos without having to create an account. Because of the system’s simplicity, players choose no-account casinos. Players can easily access them from the comfort of their homes or offices, making them available at all hours of the day and night.

However, technology has improved to the point that a smartphone can be used to access online casinos not just from one’s home or office, but from anywhere in the globe that has an active internet connection.

Even at home, you can use a smartphone to access betting applications while lying in bed, something laptops and desktop computers just cannot equal. This has resulted in a high level of interest in utilizing various betting apps among Indian gamers, resulting in the rapid expansion of these betting apps in India.

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 epidemic led to the immense use of mobile devices. People all across India have resorted to their mobile phones as a form of diversion as they have been forced to spend more time at home or in solitude.

Even Indians who have never played a phone game before have found themselves downloading a variety of games to keep themselves entertained.

Similarly, people who have never gambled using a betting app before have downloaded one and enrolled to wager on any of the popular sports across the world.

More Games to Bet on

Every year, a great number of athletic events take place in India and throughout the world, attracting millions of fans and bettors. Indians from all walks of life watch cricket, football, hockey, and other major sports. 

They are also fond of placing bets on these sports using various betting apps. Several Indian betting applications offer sports betting on a variety of events such as Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, and Wrestling.

The Future Betting Apps in India

It’s important to note that betting applications in India are still in their early stages, as more gamblers turn to their phones for real money gambling on the go. Given how far mobile betting applications have come in only four years, it’s reasonable to imagine a day when they’ll be at par with desktop versions in terms of game variety and usefulness. 

We should expect to witness an upsurge in mobile live dealer casinos as the 5G  Internet connection becomes more available across the country.


The betting industry in India earns a billion dollars each year and it’s still expanding. More millennials qre expected to join the sector as it grows. In the presence of appropriate legislation and the constant development of betting applications, mobile betting in India might reach unprecedented heights in a much shorter period of time.


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