Arsene Wenger Talks About Alexis Sanchez’s Form!

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, said that Alexis Sanchez is still chasing his best form. The manager insists that Alexis Sanches is not at his absolute best despite scoring a stunning goal. Last night in Europa League, Alexis Sanchez led Arsenal to a win against Cologne in their first Europa League match.

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Sanchez Scored A Stunner Last Night Against Cologne!

However, Arsene Wenger believes that he is still to gain his peak form after an interrupted and slow start to the season. He scored a brilliant goal which helped Arsenal win 3-1 over Cologne.

Alexis Sanchez missed the season start because of an injury. The striker has a frustrating season with his move to Manchester City falling through as the transfer window closed.

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Aresene Wenger talked to BT Sports about Alexis Sanchez’s form. He said: 

“We had a slow start and there was an accidental goal. After that, it was important not to concede and panic and put more pace into our game. From then. we controlled the game and won convincingly in the end.

“I think Sanchez is still running after his best form. He is a fantastic football player but physically he has just come back. But he has it in his locker to do something special, which he did.

“We want to do well in all the best competitions and I had an experienced team today, even though I made nine changes. They are all top-class players. There is no hierarchy in the squad.”

Arsenal had a good start to the tournament which they would carry on for the remainder of the season.

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