How to Create and Set Up Google Analytics Account


  How to Create and Set Up Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that keeps you updated about the number of visitors, location,  age range, etc. To take advantage of this tool, let’s learn how to create and set up a Google Analytics account.

How to create Google Analytics account:- 

  1. You should have a Google account to create a Google Analytics account. 
  2.  Go to
  3. Sign up and fill in all the required details: account name, website name, URL, Industry category, etc. 
  4. Accept terms.
  5. You will be able to see your Tracking ID. In case if you miss, go to the Admin and then the Tracking info section. Click on the Tracking code.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a Google Analytics account. Now, let’s set it up.

How to setup Google Analytics account:-

To set up the Google Analytics account, we will set up Google Tag Manager first.

Google Tag Manager is a “tag management system” that can be used “to simplify and automate your tag configuration”. Using this tool can save you a lot of time. Here’s how to set up Google Tag Manager:

1) Go to in order to create a Google Tag Manager account. 

2) Create your account and fill in all the required information: account name; container name, etc. 


How to create google analytics account



3) Accept the terms of service agreement.

4) See the instructions and do it accordingly: Copy the code and paste onto every page of your website. Read further instructions.

Copy the code and paste onto every page of your website.

Now, it will be visible on your screen. 


Select ‘New Tag’.


5) You select the ‘New Tag’ button. After selecting the button, you will see the two components of tag: Configuration and Triggering.

Note: The data will go to Configuration & Triggering is a certain kind of data you want to store.

6) Click on the Tag configuration button and then choose  “Google Analytics – Universal Analytics.” 

Choose “Google Analytics – Universal Analytics”

7) Choose the option that you want to track under “Track Type”.

8) Choose “New Variable” under “Google Analytics Settings”.

Choose ‘New Variable’

A screen will show up the same as below:

Enter your Tracking ID


9) Write your Google Analytics Tracking ID and Save it.

10) Your website’s data will be sent to Google Analytics and it will be visible later

11) Go to the “Triggering” section, and select the “all pages” option. 

Select the “all pages” option

12) Click “Add” and Save. 

All the data will be sent to Google Analytics about your webpages.  


How To Set Up Google Analytics Goals – 

You can set goals on Google Analytics. It will help you in tracking, for example, newsletter sign up, purchase completions, etc. 

To set up your goals, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Go to “Admin” and click on the “Goals” under the “View” column. 
    Click on the “Goals”

You will be taken to the screen same as below.

Click on "New Goal".
Click on “New Goal”



2) Click on “New Goal”.

3) Go through the Goal Template and check whether there is your goal. In case there is not, click “Custom” and click “Continue”.

4) Give a “Name” to your goal and see if any “Type” matches your goal. Choose it. Click “Continue” again. 

5) Fill all the goal details. Let’s say your goal type is destination. You have to fill the URL and select “Equals to”. You can assign a monetary value for each time when the goal is attained. To do it, fill “value”.

It’s done. Congratulations!


What Can Google Analytics Tell You?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that keeps you updated about the number of visitors, location, age range, etc. Its advantage is that you can design your strategies based on these results. There are other advantages, for instance, with the help of this tool you will know why your website or pages are facing a high bounce rate. You can optimize your website accordingly. All these insights will help in laying the ground for the next strategy or optimize the website. It will keep you informed on which social media platform your website is receiving the traffic. You know enough about your audience! What they want, you can present.

Let’s say, your product is designed for a particular area. That’s obvious you would want the traffic from this place. Google Analytics would provide detailed insights, and you can look from which country or city visitors are coming. 

There are other benefits that you can implement for free. 

Is Google Analytics Free?


Yes, it is free and paid. For the advanced features, you have to pay. You need the latter if your website has more than 10 million hits a month and you can have access to more than 100 accounts. 


 Can You Use Google Analytics on Any Website?

 Yes, you can use Google Analytics on any website. You need to follow the procedures given above to create and set up a Google Analytics account for your website.



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