How to Link Domain to Hosting account


Part 2(b) – How to Link Domain to Hosting account in Freenom?

Please follow the below steps to Link Domain to Hosting account:

How to Link Domain to Hosting account details

  1. Login to your Domain register account(freenom is the website shown in the tutorial)
  2. Login to your hosting account(hostinger is the hosting account shown in the tutorial)
  3. Now in your hosting account, Click on “Details.
  4. You can see all the name server details(ex: Now Copy those name server details.
  5. In Freenom website > Login > Click on “Services” > Go to “My Domains.”
  6. Click on “Manage Domain.
  7. Select “Management tools” and click on “Name servers.
  8. Now select “custom name servers” and enter the all the “Name Server” details as in the hosting account.
  9. Click on “Change Name Servers.
  10. Now you’ve successfully linked your domain name with your hosting Server :). Next step is to “Install WordPress through FTP Account.

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