5 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Followers into YouTube Subscribers

As YouTube is highly popular, it’s expected that there is heavy competition among YouTubers especially when it comes to promoting your channel. Because of this competition YouTubers need to use the right marketing techniques. 

Some people just buy YouTuber subscribers. However, organic methods to increase your subscriber count are always a better way. Instagram is a landmine of opportunities that can help you get more subscribers. It’s essential for every YouTuber to learn how to use Instagram to grow their YouTube audience. Additionally, it’s important to know how to turn subscribers to viewers to increase your impact.

Instagram will help you gain more exposure for your channel while expanding it. Additionally, you will also be able to earn a profit from it. Mentioned below are 5 ways to help you turn your Instagram followers into YouTuber subscribers.

  • Include your channel link:  

When someone wants to follow you, they’ll first have to go to your page to do so. In this section, people may read your bio and learn more about your channel which is why you should include your YouTube account link in your bio. This can be one of the most influential steps.

This helps you redirect traffic away from your website and onto your social media channels. As a result, more of your Instagram followers are likely to subscribe to your account. Additionally, you may lead your followers to your bio link in your posts by urging them to do so. 

  • Use swipe-up links:  

Swipe up is available on Instagram stories in two different ways. You must first get your account confirmed. It’s also possible to use this function in the case of a company profile with more than 10,000 followers.  

Another approach to link to your YouTube channel is available to Instagram business accounts with more than 10,000 followers or profiles that are verified.  Share links to your YouTube videos as soon as they’re up if you can use the swipe-up function.

Using Instagram to boost your YouTube subscriber count is easy because it simply takes a few swipes to reach your target audience. Swipe up allows you to immediately link to any URL of your choosing. Fans will be sent here if you use this method to connect your teaser videos to the full video on YouTube. 

  • Use Instagram polls:  

Your Instagram followers can help you make important judgments about your channel’s content and strategy. This will help improve your interaction and engagement. Using simple yes/no polls in your Instagram stories may make the procedure much more easier and efficient. Fans need simply tap to be engaged.  

You may, for example, conduct a poll to find out what topic you should make a video on. As a result, when you include your audience in the decision-making process, you show that you value their opinions. More subscribers will flock to your channel if you appear genuine.  

  • Upload teasers:  

You may use Instagram to advertise your upcoming YouTube videos by posting teasers to your feed. Teaser material piques the interest of your audience by teasing what they may anticipate next from you. As a result, viewers will be compelled to watch your video to avoid missing out, leading to an increase in views and subscriptions. Teasers can also help you turn your subscribers to viewers.

These can be excerpts from your video that pique the interest of your audience, or even a poster-like design.  Make sure to mention the whole video’s release date and time in your post’s description. 

This will help you get your Instagram followers to watch your YouTube videos as well. You may also use them as ad campaigns to reach a larger audience than simply your existing followers. Additionally, you may buy YouTube subscribers to help you grow your channel.

  • Use stories:  

Instagram stories, as you may be aware, are less polished than the main feed. So that you may explore more and discover what works best for you. You may utilize this feature to your advantage and give viewers a taste of what they might expect to see on your YouTube channel.  

Posting behind-the-scenes videos or photos of your video session is a great way to achieve this. As a bonus, you may also post the snippets of the video to your Instagram Story. If your Instagram account is verified, you’ll have the option to include a link in your Story.  


With the help of these 5 ways, you can grow your YouTube Channel. It’s a benefit if you can get your audience more involved and engaged by using any of these strategies. You can also promote your videos on Instagram and turn subscribers to viewers.

Both your followers and your viewers can benefit by you using Instagram as an advertising platform. To maximize your audience connection and engagement, you may use several of these methods. After implementing these ideas, all that’s left to do is watch your subscriber count.


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