Facebook Tests Facebook Facial Recognition To Recover Your FB Account

Recently Apple launched its iPhone X with Face ID as a highlighting feature of its smartphone.The Face ID unlocks the iPhone by using its sensors.Similar kind of feature(Facebook Facial Recognition) has been tested by Facebook for recovering the facebook accounts which are blocked.

Facebook Face ID

What we covered?

Facebook Tests Facial Recognition

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The Facebook Facial recognition feature is totally for security reasons.According to reportsTechCrunch, the feature is only being tested to let users back into accounts they’ve been locked out of. The website (TechCrunch) also reports that a social media researcher sent the screenshot to Navarra and that if the feature is reliable and not easily hacked, it could roll out to more users.

Facebook Face Recognition

There is no more information available regarding how this technology they are implementing.Either they required Mobile, Laptop or any special kind of hardware? Stay tuned for more further updates.

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The new feature seems to be very useful for Facebook as well as for users because since this feature requires Facial ID fake users can’t able to use user accounts also they can’t able to miss use any facebook account.

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