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How to stop spam emails: Whether it’s a company who insists on spamming you with countless newsletters, or an ex that you’d rather not hear from, Gmail now makes it easier to block unwanted emails. And here we have drafted this article to explain your about ‘how to unsubscribe from emails.’ 

3 Ways to Unsubscribe the Gmail:

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unsubscribe email | how to stop getting spam emails | how to unsubscribe from emails | how to unsubscribe from spam emails | how to unsubscribe in gmail

1)Manually Process to Unsubscribe from the Newsletters:

Gmail’s Block option complements its unsubscribe tool which makes it easier to remove your email address from mailing lists in a single click.

When you locate the link to cancel your subscription, click on it to continue and follow the instructions offered by the web.  In some the download is done automatically, in others you have to indicate the reason why you want to stop receiving emails, and other times you must configure contact preferences (for example in social networks). In the following image, you can see an example of the low link in a Linked email.

Some services and email clients also have tools that make it easier for you to unsubscribe from their newsletters. For example, in the case of Gmail, you don’t need to waste time locating the link to cancel the subscription, the service identifies commercial messages and shows you next to the sender’s address a button called  Cancel subscription. If you click on this option, the system will unsubscribe you from the distribution list so that you do not receive further communications.

How to Mass unsubscribe from emails:

Bulk Unsubscribe is a different way to get all the Links that helps you to remove your Mail Address from the Newsletters. What we do here is that we trace all the Unsubscribe Buttons in a Single Click, to know that process, do check the below steps:

  • Open your mail and Sign in with your username credentials.
  • Then on your Dashboard, you get to see a Search box.
  • There type in ‘Unsubscribe’ and Click on ‘Enter.’
  • Within few seconds, all the Mails having the Unsubscribe link in it will show up.

That’s it, your Biggest Portion of the Task is just completed. So Go ahead and Click on each unsubscribe button that you wish to opt out from their Newsletters. This way you can be free from all kind of disturbance created by unwanted mails & its alerts.

2) Using Third Party Softwares to unsubscribe email Newsletters: is a single tool to unsubscribe from all the Accounts of Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. analyzes all the mails in your Account. And you can then unsubscribe from all the Newsletters with a Single Click.

With a special Category on, you can deselect from the Newsletters to unsubscribe all of them except the categorized one. This Feature allows to select your Preferred once and stay away from Rest of the Non-sense mails you regularly receive on your Mailbox.


Unsubscriber, the name itself states its Functionality; it gives a Quick option to stay away from all kinds of newsletters. It is a Web Application for Single ‘Unsubscribe’ Button. With a Straightaway interface to navigate you to the actual Task, it attracts most of the people to continue using it.

It allows to Login with your Mail service Provider, once its done, you get to see ‘Unsubscribe’ Button on Top-Right corner with all the Senders mail addresses listed in the Middle of the Screen. So Now you got the List of All the Senders details. Select all the subscribers in the list and Click on ‘Unsubscribe’ Button to unlist your self from all the Newsletters’ Mailing Database.

Both the Manual procedure and Third party software Method works best. If you are very particular about choosing the Mails, Do follow the Manual Method.

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