Motorola May Take Some Features From iPhone X For Moto X5

Motorola may have a strong game in the budget smartphone segment, but the premium smartphone category is not its best suit. Motorola Moto series smartphones are well known around the world, and handsets in the Moto G, Moto Z and Moto X series have a faithful following. So in this article, I will tell you about Moto news about iPhone X features for Motorola Moto X5.

Moto X5

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Motorola iPhone X Features

2018 is going to be different for a lot of companies. Sony is finally ditching the classic design for a more favorable bezel-less display, and a new report shows Motorola is up for a change too. A leaked image of Moto X5 shows the handset’s full design and one specific element that creates a lot of questions.Droid-Life obtained an official-looking render from an unnamed source that shows the Moto X5 in its full glory. The mid-range premium smartphone is going to undergo a noticeable upgrade in terms of design.

Moto X5 is going to have an edge-to-edge display with rounded corners and 18:9 aspect ratio. With that Motorola is going to accommodate a 5.9-inch Full HD+ display, which won’t seem that big due to a compact body. But that’s not the change standing out in the Moto X5.As per the leaked image, Motorola has borrowed iPhone X-style notch for its Moto X5. The need to do so is not completely clear, but the notch in the Moto X5 sports two camera sensors and a speaker with the status bar icons appearing on either side of the notch. In case you’re wondering, there is no sign of any sensors capable of carrying out iPhone X-like facial recognition.

Apple might have worked its way around the notch in the iPhone X in the most sophisticated manner, but it remains to be seen how Motorola is going to make Android notifications appear with that notch sitting in the middle.In addition to that, the leaked image shows a single software button at the bottom of the display. The on-screen button sits at the place where we usually find the 3-button navigation bar. It is possible that the Moto X5 users will be able to swap between a single and a 3-button setup for the back, home, and recent apps.

Due to the trimming of the bezels, like most phones, Moto X5 too will have to remove the fingerprint scanner from the front. It is hard to locate the fingerprint scanner, but the rear batwing logo seems to be covering the biometric sensor. The handset also sports dual rear cameras, which rightfully succeeds Moto X4’s camera-centric vision.

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