6 Quick “What is Apple TV & How Does It Work” Facts

In 2020, do you still have questions like:

What is Apple TV Plus? And how does Apple TV Plus work?

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What is Apple TV Plus?

What is apple tv?, How does apple tv work?, How to reset apple tv, apple tv plus
What is Apple TV & How Does It Work

The answer to What is Apple TV is that Apple TV Plus is neither its own app nor a separate experience.

While coming to the introduction of the Apple TV Plus, which the company says, it will be featuring exclusive original shows, movies and also documentaries” which was led by a video featuring the Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and the stars attached to the shows that will help in shaping Apple’s service.

In 2020, the Official Apple TV Plus website answers what is Apple TV plus. According to the website: Apple TV plus is: “Apple TV+ is a streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies, and more — with new Apple Originals added every month.”

Your Apple TV Plus is commercial-free. You can watch your favorite shows on-demand anytime, anywhere. You can explore new Apple Originals every month.


How is Apple TV Plus accessible?

What is apple tv?, How does apple tv work?, How to reset apple tv, apple tv plus
What is apple tv

You can watch Apple TV+ on the Apple TV app, which is already present on your favorite Apple devices. Just open the app, click on Apple TV+, and enjoy the shows and movies. You can also watch Apple TV+ on streaming platforms, popular smart TVs, and AirPlay-enabled TVs with the Apple TV app. You can also watch online at tv.apple.com.


How Much Does Apple TV Plus Cost? Is Apple TV Plus Free?

The cost of Apple TV Plus depends on the offer you choose.

  1. If you buy an Apple device, Apple TV+ is included free for one year.
  2. After a free seven-day trial, a monthly subscription is just $4.99 per month.
  3. There is a special plan for students: The Apple Music Student Plan comes with a free subscription to Apple TV+.


Can You Share Your Apple TV Plus With Your Family?

  • Absolutely YESSS! Apple TV+ lets you share the subscription with up to five family members. GOOD NEWS!
  • On Apple TV Plus, Can You Download To Watch Offline?
  • Yes Again. You can download your favorite Apple Originals to your Apple device and watch them anywhere and anytime without a Wi-Fi connection.


How to reset Apple TV Plus?

To reset Apple TV, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Reset.
  2. Choose a reset option:
    • Reset: Reset is the fastest way to return Apple TV to factory settings.  The reset option does not require an internet connection.
    • Reset and Update: To return Apple TV to its factory settings and installs software updates, you can Reset & Update. Reset and Update option requires an Internet connection.
  3. Make sure that your Apple TV is plugged into power until the Reset process finishes.

Is Apple TV Plus Available In India?

Yes, Apple TV Plus is available in India. In India, Apple TV Plus is available at a monthly subscription cost of INR 99. You can also share your Apple Plus TV subscription with your family members.

What is apple tv?, How does apple tv work?, How to reset apple tv, apple tv plus
What is Apple TV & How Does Apple TV Work

if you buy an Apple device, you get 1 year for free. Apple TV Plus is included for one year when you purchase a new Apple device and you can redeem the offer within 90 days.

You Apple TV Plus supports the following devices:

Roku, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, PC, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Airplay.


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