15 Amazing Health Benefits of Chocolate

Benefits of Chocolate 

Benefits of chocolate
Benefits of chocolate

Do you also feel guilty every time you have chocolate? Do you also think chocolate’s reputation precedes it? Darling, now you won’t. Despite its bad reputation, there are several health benefits of chocolate. In the article, we are going to revel 15 mind-blowing health benefits of chocolate. Let’s begin…  

Benefits of chocolates
Benefits of chocolates

Chocolates possess both positive and negative effects on its consumer. Although, people always fudge and “Say NO! to Chocolate”. On the other hand, dark chocolate contains multitudinous nutritional values and have a positive impact on the body. Chocolates are composed of tropical Theobroma cacao seeds which were used by the Olmec civilization in the prehistoric era. Later on, chocolates became famous in Asia, Europe and soon the whole world craved for it.   

As per the latest research, even milk (white) chocolates provide nutrients and reduces the chances of facing heart problems. 

Health Benefits of Chocolate: 

1. Helps heart to stay healthy – Chocolates contain flavonoids that help your veins and arteries to stay supple. A study was conducted with more than one lakh people who were given dark chocolate for a week. The results showed that the risk of getting a heart attack was reduced by 37%. While there were 29% lesser chances of getting a stroke.  

Healthy heart

2. Improves memory as you get older – Researches have proven that intaking specially prepared cocoa extracts by elderly people regularly has resulted in their better memory.   

Improves memory

3. Helps avoid sunburn – A study conducted in London found out that women who consumed chocolates with high flavanol were able to avoid sunburn twice as much as those who don’t consume chocolate. 

Avoid sunburn



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4. Reduces chances of getting cancer – Dark chocolates contain cocoa flavanols. It has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties keep reactions of free radicals at bay. These play the role of protagonists when cancer starts to invade cells.  

Reduces cancer

5. Helps you to lower your Body Mass Index – A study followed by 1,000 Californians resulted that those who ate chocolate more often had a lower BMI. Icing to the cake was, diet and workouts were not the factors that influenced this result.  

Lower BMI

6. Reduces fatigue – Another benefit of eating chocolate is if you add chocolate to your daily diet it will help you reduce fatigue. A research showed that those who daily had a little chocolate were less tired and did not put on any extra weight.  

7. Help with diabetes – It is a common belief that chocolate is a banned treat to diabetic persons. But a study showed that if consumed correctly, chocolate flavonoids can help the body’s metabolism and enhance insulin function.   

8. Put you in a better mood – Remember professor Lupin’s golden words “Eat, you’ll feel better, it’s chocolate” from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. Yes, Tryptophan, an amino acid is present in small quantities in chocolate. It is linked to the production of serotonin that produces feelings of happiness. 


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9. Make you better at Math – I was never good at mathematics at school. I wish I had eaten more dark chocolates at school. A study shows that 500 mg of flavanols increases the flow to the brain. As a result, better at solving difficult math equations. Isn’t it a delicious way to solve math problems?  

10. Lowers cholesterol levels – Here are another health benefits of chocolate. A study was done to determine the effect of dark chocolate on LDL cholesterol levels. The results showed that those who consumed dark chocolate with plant sterols and flavanols were scoring lower on their cholesterol levels.

Dark Chocolate | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School ...

11. It can help you with your workout – Studies show that having half of a square of dark chocolate can give you the best results with your workouts. Who would say no to this? Add dark chocolate to your list for more amazing health benefits of chocolate. 

Eat dark chocolate before workout, say Scarlett Johansson trainers ...

12. Mood booster – Consuming dark chocolates can reduce stress levels. Several studies back up this statement.  

WatchFit - The Effect of Dark Chocolate on Your Mood

13. Fills You Up – Chocolates contain 11 grams of fiber which remains in our body for a longer period and keeps us less hungry. Dark chocolates are better than white chocolates and they also help to reduce cravings for sweets, fatty and spicy foods. Loving these health benefits of chocolate? 

Eat chocolate ALL day and lose half a stone in two weeks - Mirror ...

14. The powerhouse of antioxidants – Unprocessed cocoa seeds have the highest amount of antioxidants. Dark chocolates are rich with flavonoids that prevent the body cells from damage due to regular body activities. Cheers to the more amazing health benefits of chocolate. 

7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

15. It’s very nutritious – Were you aware that consuming chocolates containing high cocoa content at least 75% to 85% means having a nutritious snack? A 100 gram of chocolate bar has RDA for copper and manganese.  

Gourmet Chocolate Bark | Chocolate Confections | Sweet On Vermont

Who knew there were so many amazing health benefits of chocolates? So, the next time anyone asks you to watch out for chocolate, show them the post and tell them “eat, you’ll feel better”


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