13 Dope Tricks to Go to Bed Early

How to Go to Bed Early? 

“Nothing good happens after 2 am,” Ted was right in the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Well, when you have to report back to work by 8 am, these words are unshakable. For the love of the moon, most of us have become slaves of the night. Yes, breaking out the vicious cycle of sleeping late is a bit difficult but not impossible. We beg ourselves to go to bed early for the love of God, but what happens next is not a mystery.  

It’s natural to crave for some me time after a hectic day at work. Maybe watch a few episodes of FRIENDS or Cursed. Before breaking out of these unhealthy habits, you must first need to acknowledge these as your unhealthy habits. If you want to stop feeling lousy every morning, you gotta break up with your late sleeping pattern.  

Better Sleep, Better Mood
Better Sleep, Better Mood

Once you acknowledge which habits are your arch-enemy or nemesis, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to break free of the vicious cycle. Let us have a look:  

How to Go to Bed Early and Wake Up Early  


1. Plan your day and night  

If you want to get rid of sleeping late and done with lousy mornings, schedule your day and especially nights. Go through every step virtually that is leading you to the bed. Try to complete things earlier than usual. And yes, doing it for just a day or two won’t help. So, darling, you got to be faithful to yourself.   


2. Workout earlier  


Workout earlier
Workout earlier


The West has romanticized late night workout but it could be the villain of your story. Working out late in the evening or just before bed can spike up the adrenaline. Studies suggest you to work out at least two hours before killing our bed to get a relaxed sleep.  

Also, if it is possible for you, then workout in the morning. It keeps you energetic throughout the day.   

3. Avoid Siesta  


Avoid taking naps in between
Avoid taking naps in between

Napping before bed or in the afternoon can disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you are feeling extremely dizzy, get a power nap for only 30 minutes before 3 pm.   

4. Lights off  

Sleep in dark
Sleep in dark


Lights impact your melatonin levels. Try to sleep with a dark room or if you are afraid of the dark, then try to dim your lights.    

5. Say no to caffeine or nicotine


Say no to Java or nicotine
Say no to Java or nicotine


Caffeine or nicotine stimulates your mind. So, taking them before bed is never going to help you to get to bed early. Try consuming these before 5 pm in order to go to bed early.   

6. Hot shower  

Hot shower
Hot shower


A hot shower never lets you down if you are craving or a relaxed and peaceful sleep. But timing is important. Do not take a hot shower just before be. Take it at least before 2 hours to bed. It will allow our body to cool down and help you with a good goodnight’s sleep.   

7. Avoid electronic devices  


Avoid using electronic devices
Avoid using electronic devices

Avoid using devices such as mobile or laptop that keeps you awake late at night. Phone’s light send
signals to your brain that it is not bedtime yet. Give yourself a break, hon!  

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8. Go to bed earlier   

It is not rocket science to know that you ultimately got to go to bed early than usual to break free the vicious circle. Try with 10 to 15 minutes earlier and gradually increase the rate. With time, your biological clock will make peace with it adapt to your new sleeping pattern.  

For instance, if you sleep at 1 am, then try to go to bed early like by 12:45 am, then 12:30 am, 12:00 am till you reach your desired bedtime.   

9. Wake up early  

Not a morning person? Is t had for you too to wake up early? Here is a trick to go to bed early and wake up early. Try waking up earlier than your usual time, like if you wake up at 6 am then try waking up at 5 am for a day. Why? Because it will help your body to get tired. Tired body equals to seeping early, and waking up early the next morning.   

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10. Move your ass to another room 

Your relationship with your bed should only limit till you are sleeping on it. If you want to go to bed early and acquire a peaceful sleep, don’t extend your relationship with your bed.  

11. Keep a tab on what you eat before bed 

Having heavy snacks before bed is not advisable even by doctors. If you are craving, go for light snacks instead. Try not to consume anything that stimulates and energizes your body before sleep. Also, try avoiding nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or sugary beverages before bedtime. 

12. Change your sleeping area 

The surrounding plays a vital role while sleeping. For a sound sleep, your surroundings should be calm and peaceful. Choose a comfortable bed, as it ends to keep you in perfect sleeping posture. Also, check if your sleeping area is noise resistant, or is quiet and dark. 

13. Listen to soothing music 


Listen music
Listen music

If you want to go to bed early, look up at some playlists on some apps to lull you into a deep slumber. (e.g., Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, etc.) 


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